Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass


Navigating South Korea’s extensive highway network can be an exciting and efficient way to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities. With over 4,000 kilometers of highways, many toll roads, getting around can be a breeze, especially if you take advantage of the local infrastructure and purchase a Hi-Pass Card.

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What is a Hi-Pass

One invaluable tool for seamless highway travel in South Korea is the Hi-Pass system. Hi-pass is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to smoothly pass through toll booths without the need to stop and pay in cash. This system significantly reduces travel time, especially during peak hours, and ensures that you can make the most of your time exploring the country.

To utilize the Hi-Pass system, you’ll need to obtain an electronic toll collection device, often available at convenience stores, rental car companies, and designated service centers. This device can be easily affixed to your vehicle’s windshield and linked to your payment method. As you approach toll booths on the highways, the Hi-Pass device will automatically deduct the appropriate toll amount from your linked account, allowing you to maintain a steady pace and avoid the hassle of cash payments.

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How do I Get a Hi-Pass in Daegu

However, for the military community here in Daegu, the easiest way to get a Hi-Pass card is to stop by the Camp Henry Supply Service Center. The Service Center is near the Express and the Navy Federal Credit Union.

If you are at Camp Humphreys, head to the Camp Humphreys Hi-Pass office in the Main PX (building 5700).

 Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass

How Much Does the Hi-Pass Card Cost?

You must purchase a Hi-pass card and a device to mount it to your car. The device cost $95 and the pre-paid cost $8. Thus, the total cost is $103. You can pay by cash or card.

However, here’s something to remember. You must use cash to add more money to the card later (for future tolls). You can add between 10,000 and 300,000 Korean Won to the card. Adding more money to the card is easy. You can do it at different places nationwide, including Camp Henry Supply Service Center, GS25 convenience stores, and Hi-Pass expressway offices.

 Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass

How to Use the Hi-Pass Card

Attach the device to your vehicle’s right-hand side windshield to start using the Hi-Pass system. This device is easy to use and doesn’t require batteries because it’s rechargeable and solar-powered. Find the bright blue-marked hi-pass lane when driving, and the system will automatically charge your account.

It’s good to know that the device and the card are transferable. This means you can use them in different vehicles if needed.

Did you know you can also pay for parking and speeding tickets at the Camp Henry Supply Service?

 Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass

Check Your Balance

The Hi-pass device has an LCD screen. To check your balance, press the button at the bottom of the unit. Every time the highway charges a toll, three things occur:

  1. The device beeps and shows a running total.
  2. It confirms the deducted amount in Hangul.
  3. The toll amount also appears on the screen at the toll booth.

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Camp Henry Supply Service Center
Building 1225
Mon-Fri : 0800-1700 / Sat-Sun : Closed

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