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Fairytale road in Germany- featured image

Road Trip: Driving the Fairytale Road in Germany

Germany is the country of the Brothers Grimm. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty are some of their most famous fairy tales. You can recapture your childhood and find inspiration in the tales of the Brothers Grimm along the Fairytale Road in Germany. And it’s one of the country’s most scenic drives, too. This scenic route offers a picturesque drive through the country and invites you to delve into the intriguing nuances of the Brothers Grimm’s storytelling. However, be prepared for an experience that may defy your preconceived expectations.

Road trip with Steven and Malik- featured image

30-Day Road Trip Across America in Marriott Hotels

Come along on our big trip across the U.S.! We’re hitting the road after living in South Korea for three years. For the next month, we’re crashing at Marriott Hotels everywhere. We’ll be checking out incredible landmarks, catching up with family, and finally settling down in the cornfields of Illinois. Please stick around for 30 days of stories from our journey, where Marriott is our home away from home at every pit stop.

Stacey at Grand Rapids Mural- featured image

Grand Rapids: Urban Elegance: Cafe Culture and Architecture

Grand Rapids wasn’t on my radar, but this picturesque urban landscape is full of Victorian, Gothic Revival, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco styles. Beyond its architectural allure, Grand Rapids boasts cozy cafes like Madcap Cafe on Brianna Taylor Way, where we indulged in a leisurely breakfast, basking in natural light. Additionally, Grand Rapids pays tribute to its influential women through “Women’s Way,” a collection of murals scattered across the city that artfully highlights the stories of prominent local women. Grand Rapids is a city that seamlessly combines urban development with the beauty of the natural world.

church in little german town- featured image

Drive the Romantic Road in Germany and Rev Up Your Engine

The Romantic Road is a picturesque route connecting over twenty-four charming Bavaria towns. The term “Romantic Road” was coined in the 1950s to describe this 350-kilometer (approximately 217-mile) stretch of highway in southern Germany. Specifically, the Romantic Road denotes the route between Würzburg and Füssen. Consequently, it is often called the “Romantic Road for Couples in Love.”

Brianna Taylor Way in Grands Rapids

Driving Solo Across Canada: Rochester to Grand Rapids

We’re finally on the last leg of our drive across America to visit family. And today, I am driving from Rochester to Buffalo and across Canada to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The drive covers most of southern Ontario, and between today and tomorrow, the drive will take me past 4 of the five great lakes. Today, the drive straddles parts of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Lake Superior is the only lake I won’t see on this road trip because it is the northernmost and westernmost of the Great Lakes of North America. The Peace Bridge is located near the center of downtown Buffalo, New York, and Fort Erie, Ontario, separated by the Niagara River. It was one of the most scenic bridge crossings I’ve ever done.


Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass

Embark on a hassle-free road trip with the Hi-Pass Card from Camp Henry, unlocking seamless travel across the entire Korean peninsula. South Korea boasts an extensive highway network spanning over 4,000 kilometers, dotted with vibrant cities and diverse landscapes waiting to be explored. Navigating this network is made effortless, thanks to numerous toll roads. Maximize your journey’s efficiency by leveraging the local infrastructure and acquiring a Hi-Pass Card.

Millton Cafe in Cheongdo

Millton Cafe in Cheongdo: Your New Favorite Coffee Destination

The Millton Cafe in Cheongdo, South Korea, is a must-visit for coffee lovers and anyone looking for a unique and inviting cafe experience. From its gray concrete interior and x-shaped chandelier to its expansive terrace overlooking the river’s low tide and green space, this cafe offers a chic and eco-friendly atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and unwinding. Don’t forget to try their specialty drink, the Paschinko, and browse their selection of books, including the New York Times bestseller, “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee.