A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

Boseong Tea Museum Gold Statue

Lined with tall cedar trees, the road leading to the Boseong Tea Plantation is beautiful. The plantation is a self-proclaimed green tea Theme Park. It’s the only one according to the literature I picked up when I visited the plantation over the weekend.

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IMG_9608-1024x683 A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation
Green Tea History

Green Tea once grew in the wild and was soon cultivated for the Buddhist Temples and the Royal Palaces during the Silla Dynasty. Boseong has been a tea plantation area since the days of the Japanese occupation. Studies were conducted in the early 20th century, and Bossing was concluded to have the best growing conditions for Tea to thrive and now accounts for 40% of the national tea production.

If Korea is shaped like afoot, I am then Bossing is located in the “toe” area. Three million trees were planted on a sheltered of cedar, cypress, and maple, to name few, which now give the fields its distinctive tiered look. There are currently 5.8 million trees on almost six million square meters.

In 2005 it received its organic certification. Although there are more than 1,097 rural households that operate privately owned tea farms in the area, Daehan Dawon is the most significant and offers spectacular views of the tiered fields, which are harvested 3-4 times per year.

IMG_9630-1024x683 A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum


There are a lot of uneven stairs, packed dirt, and even mud. It’s not precisely stroller friendly, but it can be done with a lot of effort.

It’s Not a Theme Park

There aren’t any rides at this theme park, and you’ll enjoy it at your speed. The only thrill you’ll receive is the thrill of accomplishment after climbing to the top of the mountain and enjoying the view of the entire plantation. But there are a lot of exhibits on the calming and medicinal uses of green tea and plenty of spots to enjoy the scenery on a beautiful day.

Boseong Tea Plantation Theme Park?

IMG_9625-1024x683 A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

Green Tea Products

Green Tea is the primary ingredient in many products, from ice cream to perfume, and you can purchase many of the byproducts at the cafes and gift shops on site. Both the ice cream and churros (made with green Tea) were delicious.


Pair your visit with a stop at the Museum of Tea. You pass by its park and the entrance on the way to the plantation. Most of the exhibitions include English translations, and you’ll be able to understand the ones that don’t. The adjacent gift shop has excellent prices on tea-related souvenirs and gifts.

boseong-tea-and-ice-cream-1024x576 A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

Location: 763-67 Nokcha-RI, Boseong-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do (1288-1 Bongsan-RI).


Our GPS said it would take 3:45 minutes from Daegu. It only took 2:30. I’m not sure where the discrepancy came from, but generally, the Korean GPS has been off more times than not.

Operating Hours

Summer (Mar-Aug) 09:00-19:00 Winter (Sep-Apr) 09:00-18:00 Last admission 20:00 (during winter at 19:00) Adults: 4,000 won / Group: 3,000 won Youths & Children (ages 7-18) / Seniors   (ages 65 & over): 3,000 won.

Boseong-Tea-Plantation-Views-683x1024 A Day Trip to Boseong Tea Plantation and Museum

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