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ground zero New York City long layover

Long Layover at Ground Zero in NYC

It’s 1pm and the sun is high and very hot. There is a cool breeze under the rustling trees that provide a little relief from the scorching sun. It’s reverently quiet, although kids are at play, friends are talking and eating lunch together and visitors rub their hands over the names inscribed into the Ground Zero memorial, trying to visualize the chaos and carnage of that autumn day almost 16 years ago last month.


Daegaya Museum in Goryeong

I woke up in the morning with the sun already high in the sky. One of the first warm days signalling spring was on the way made it impossible for me to stay inside. It’s strawberry season in Goryeong, which is the capital of the former Daegaya Dynasty. It’s also home to the Daegaya Museum and Burial Tombs and a fantastic day trip to combine my love of history while enjoying the warm day and blue skies.

Korean tea museum in boseong

Korea’s Tea Museum– More Than Tea in Boseong

We stumbled upon the Korea’s Tea Museum after seeing a sign at the turnoff to our intended destination–the Boseong Tea Plantation. Happy accidents like this make travel unpredictable and sometimes ends up being the highlight of the day. We walked into the museum not knowing what to expect. We didn’t know if the exhibits would have English translations or if we’d spend a few walking around looking at pretty pictures.