Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea

Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong

Ceremonial Mask From Around the World

I love dressing up in costumes. So, a trip to the Hahoe Mask Museum in Andong was always in my cards. Last year, we visited the Mask Festival. First, it was an over-the-top display of mask dances from all over Asia. Then it piqued my interest in visiting the museum. The Hahoe Mask Museum has a wonderful array of ceremonial masks worldwide. As a result, it displays masks from Thailand, the Philippines, the South Pacific, Asia, and North America, to name just a few.

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20170322_200742 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea

The Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong
Masks From Around the World

The Hahoe Mask Museum in Andong is conveniently located next to the Hahoe Folk Village. The entrance fee is 2,000 Won to view three floors of masks, videos, and hands-on exhibits. There are permanent and temporary exhibits from the North American Indian to the Zulu Warriors of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

20170322_203001 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea
20170322_202055 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea
20170322_201617 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea
20170322_201505 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea

Collect Stamps

If you get all five stamps in the museum in Andong, you get a free postcard in the gift shop. If I’m sincere, I had no idea what or if I’d receive anything. The stamps were there, I was there. In other words, I can’t pass up playing with a stamp pad when I see one.

20170322_200341 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea

The Andong Mask Dance Festival

Meanwhile, the Andong Mask Dance Festival is a celebration that takes place every fall. The festival has more than 50 events. However, the National and international Mask Dance Performances and World Mask Competitions are highlighted.

Competitors come from all around the world. The day we went, there were performances by teams from the Philippines and Japan. We caught the performance of the beautiful dancers from Thailand, getting a glimpse into their culture before our first of three trips to Phuket, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

Other Activities in Andong

Other activities include original mask performances, dance instruction, puppet plays, mask making, handbook rental and photography, and more. Food and drinks were also available.

This year’s festival will occur from September 29 through October 8th at several venues around Andong. Make sure you refer to the schedule of events before going. 239, Yuksa-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

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Andong-Mask-Museum-519x778 Hahoe World Mask Museum in Andong, South Korea



  1. soby

    It was a great time today. You have visited in An-dong a lot. Next time, I hope I can show you around the hot place in An-dong! ^^

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I love them too. I recently found out one of the mask I have is for fertility. I sincerely thought about pulling it down from the wall. lol

  2. Carol Cassara

    Masks from all over the world, that’s already interesting as it is! I sure wouldn’t want to miss this when I visit Andong. It’s awesome that they also have a festival.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    This is my first time hearing about a mask museum and I’m really curious about it. I think it’s nice to be able to go here and see the museum personally.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I have a few African masks on my walls as well. Its funny though, masks have a specific “purpose” so I I wouldn’t want to hang a mask for fertility for example.

  4. Bel

    This is such a beautiful museum. I admit the only masks I know are the ones in the MAsk movie and the ones fromthe Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Still, these look beautiful.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Yoruba eh, too funny, the Mask came on yesterday on Korean TV. I didn’t watch it again, but its always entertaining to see American movies with Korean voice overs.

  5. Marissa Zurfluh

    Id love to be able to travel to South Korea to visit. I am intrigued by others cultures. Thank you for the suggestions.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Me too. I am so looking forward to a change of pace with upcoming travel to South America and the the American west and southwest. Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Mexico are high on my bucket list over the next year.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of kids there, maybe it was too early in the day and they were in school.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      You are so right, I learned that they all have specific meanings. I stayed far from the fertility ones, preferring the ones for long life and money, money, money. Wish me luck!!

  6. Nati

    How interesting!! I loved your article, I’ll pass it to my brother in law, he is a scenography artist and does lots of masks for theaters and plays around the globe. I’m sure he’ll find your post very inspiring!

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