Cafe Pace Popo: A Must for Jambon Buerre Lovers

Pace Popo Jambon Charcuterie

Suseong is a huge district, and I am always surprised by the number of beautiful cafes I find weekly. Pace Popo is a large, multi-level cafe in Suseong, serving sandwiches, desserts, bread, specialty coffee, fruit ades, and summer slush drinks.

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The First Floor and Counter

The first floor consists of two distinct seating areas. As you enter the cafe, there are tables for kids and families on the right side with colorful bean bag chairs. On the left side, there are large, curved black cushioned seats. This side is more suitable for small groups and couples. Both areas provide a front-row view of the front garden, seating area, and the busy street.

The Colorful Ambient Lighting

I love the ambient pink, yellow, and white lights throughout the spacious, airy first floor. The counter displays a variety of special hand-drip coffees, and there are two display cases for easy selection of sandwiches, desserts, and sweet bread.

Behind the open staircase is a pretty photo zone, and along the inside courtyard, a long row of seating is available. There is also garden seating and a quaint reflection pool featuring stepping stones.

Ham Charcuterie

The cafe, which opened last year, is very popular for its jambon buerre (or ham butter) sandwiches. b

Walking past the electronic menus, you’ll reach the large two-story counter area. The cafe offers ten jambon (ham) sandwiches and two open-faced sandwiches. It wasn’t until I went back to my car. Notice a sign on the building behind the cafe that says Charcuterie and Bakery. It turns out the cafe serves so much ham because they also have a pork business.

Second Floor – Light Lunch

Thankfully, there is one open-faced baguette sandwich with shrimp and avocado, and it was delicious. The 4-piece sandwich includes a tasty chunky avocado spread with onions, tomatoes, and jalapeƱos, topped with two shrimp each and sprinkled with red pepper flakes. I also ordered a pink grapefruit ade, which quickly became my go-to summer drink. The combination of sweet and tangy with chunks of fruit makes it delightful. To complete this light lunch, I had a yummy apple turnover.

The second floor resembles a loft with four pairs of lime-colored sofas along the inside wall, offering a view of the counter area. Six pairs of two-tone black and grey seats face the inside courtyard.

The Third Floor

The cafe opens up again on the third floor, with a combination of couches and table seating. You can enjoy a short bridge from here overlooking the first-floor adult seating area and the massive light fixture above it. The bridge leads to the coffee roasting room and is off-limits to patrons.

Cafe-Pace-Popo-kids-room-519x684 Cafe Pace Popo: A Must for Jambon Buerre Lovers

Kids Free Zones

Pace Popo Cafe’s second and third floors are designated as serene and peaceful “kids-free zones.” This thoughtful arrangement ensures patrons seeking a tranquil environment to enjoy their time can do so without disruptions. Families with children are welcomed and accommodated on the first floor, with dedicated tables and seating areas suitable for kids and their parents.

Despite several active kids running around, the cafe managed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, and I truly appreciated the careful spacing of the children and the kid-friendly areas.

20230805_155736-519x692 Cafe Pace Popo: A Must for Jambon Buerre Lovers


The cafe offers two levels of free, dedicated parking, but I observed the parking attendant directing some overflow parking down the street. All three levels are easily accessible by an elevator.

I’ll definitely return, especially for that watermelon ball slush dessert calling my name. Let me know if you want to join me.


[Naver Map]
Pace Popo
15-1 Gomo-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

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