Flowers and Coffee: VERS Gardenhouse Cafe in Seoul

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Flowers and Coffee: VERS Gardenhouse Cafe in Seoul

Located in Yeonnam-dong, a neighborhood in northwestern Seoul saturated with quality coffee shops, Vers distinguishes itself from all others. While strolling down the street, it immediately caught my eye. The entrance, adorned with vibrant greenery, led me into a small cafe that transcended the typical coffee shop experience. It unfolded as a warm and inviting space, immediately feeling like a second home. The well-decorated interior, featuring blankets and pillows in “the living room,” aimed to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Beyond being a coffee spot, it was a versatile three-story space, offering a unique ambiance for cozy dates, solo reading sessions, study meet-ups, spring flings, or a garden store in Seoul.

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The Enchanting Garden Entry

The Unexpected Delight

Stepping through the garden entry, I found myself in a charming cafe, divided into cozy rooms that exuded a unique charm– some dark and moody, others filled with light. The inviting atmosphere made it hard to resist. The cafe’s uniqueness extends to its menu, presenting a variety of teas, detox options, coffee, and sweet treats. Despite its slightly distant location from the station, the experience felt like a journey to an exotic locale. The friendly staff and diverse menu made it a destination worth exploring.

Savoring Every Sip: Good Coffee and Excellent Cake

The cafe surprised me not only with its ambiance but also with the high quality of its offerings. The delightful coffee and excellent cake showcased a meticulous attention to detail, from decor to menu, ensuring a memorable experience.

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Garden Store in Seoul– Plant Life Everywhere

What set this place apart was its fusion of plant life in every nook and cranny. The delicate floral and green decor added to the overall appeal to tge garden theme. But tge nature of tge climbing vines and every space covered in flowers gives it a treehiuse feel too.

The semi-outdoor seating on the top floor provided a great view, although securing a table there seemed like a competitive feat due to its popularity. Despite the slightly higher price point, the overall experience justified the cost, with friendly staff contributing to the charm. Although I didn’t explore the entire space on my first visit, I left with the promise to return for another delightful experience. This unique cafe felt like a hidden oasis, especially for plant enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of spaces, including a flower shop, balcony seating, and even a theater room. The well-thought-out design created a comfortable and segregated environment, perfect for different moods and occasions.

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A Three-Story Treehouse

Beyond the main areas, the cafe held additional surprises. A hidden seating area on the bottom level, next to the plant shop, provided a secluded retreat. The charming deck on the front, overlooking the park, added to the overall appeal. This three-story cafe was not just a place for coffee; it was an exploration of hidden treasures.

In conclusion, stumbling upon this charming cafe was a delightful experience. Every aspect added to the overall appeal, from the enchanting garden entry to the lush interiors filled with plants. While it may be a bit pricey, the unique atmosphere and friendly staff make it a worthwhile destination for those seeking a memorable retreat. VER’s Garden is a cafe with a flower shop located on the 1st floor. As the day progresses into the evening, it undergoes a charming transformation into a serene wine bar. If you seek a place to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea, accompanied by delightful desserts, in the tranquil setting of Yeonnam-dong, VER’s Garden is the ideal spot.

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 11 am – 10 pm
  • Sun: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Public holiday: 11 am – 10 pm

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