Gachang Jjinppang Street: Flavorful Steamed Buns

Gachang steamed buns

Discovering Gachang Jjinppang Street

Steamed Buns

Gachang, a suburb of Daegu, garners fame for its Gachang Jjinppang – typically filled steamed buns with sweet red bean paste or other delicious fillings.The popularity of these buns has led to the creation of Gachang Jjinppang Street, where you can find numerous steamed bun stores lined up, offering a wide variety of jjinppang for visitors to enjoy.

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Jjinppang Street is located near Gachang Spa Valley. This foodie destination his gained nationwide attention and recognition. It has been featured on television shows, newspapers, and magazines.

Pricing and Payment Options

At Gachang Jjinppang Street, you can find many five buns for 4,000 KRW. Way too many for me. And although Korean debit cards are accepted at most stores, bring cash because some vendors might need more credit card facilities. Cash on hand ensures a smooth transaction and allows you to explore all the delicious options. I could not eat all five, so I brought them back for the gate guards, who graciously accepted them.

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Customizing Your Steamed Buns

When visiting Gachang Jjinppang Street, you can request buns without pork (dweigi gogi) and opt for sweet red bean paste-filled pastries instead. However, there are other options, I’d like to explore another day.

The warm steamed buns are a delightful treat, providing just the right amount of sweetness encased in a fluffy steamed bun.

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While You’re Here

Enjoy your steamed buns with a side trip to 광덕사(光德寺), which translates into Temple of Bright Virtue. It’s a beautiful temple across from the Gachang Reservoir. Enjoy the reservoir while getting in your steps along the lovely walking trail.

20230511_123456-01-519x736 Gachang Jjinppang Street: Flavorful Steamed Buns

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re in the Daegu region and looking for a place to enjoy delicious steamed buns. In that case, Gachang Jjinppang Street is a must-visit destination that offers a flavorful experience for all taste buds.

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Discovering-Gachang-Jjinppang-Street-1-519x692 Gachang Jjinppang Street: Flavorful Steamed Buns

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