Where Culture Meets the Sea: Huinyeoul Cultural Village

Huinyeoul Cultural Village me colorful stairs

A Taste of the Mediterranean in Busan Are you a fan of picture-perfect spots? Then, Huinyeoul Cultural Village in Busan is a must-see. Picture standing on coastal cliffs. Imagine this: you’re standing on coastal cliffs, the breeze is just right, and unfolding before you are views that are pure joy for your heart. Now picture […]

Gachang Jjinppang Street: Flavorful Steamed Buns

Gachang steamed buns

Discovering Gachang Jjinppang Street Steamed Buns Gachang, a suburb of Daegu, garners fame for its Gachang Jjinppang – typically filled steamed buns with sweet red bean paste or other delicious fillings.The popularity of these buns has led to the creation of Gachang Jjinppang Street, where you can find numerous steamed bun stores lined up, offering […]

Hahoe Folk Village Traditional Home Stay in Andong, South Korea

Hahoe Folk Village (1)

Stay in a hanok at Hahoe Folk Village Stay. A hanok is a traditional house built on a philosophy of Korean ancestors who sought a life of harmony, piety and simplicity. Hanks are traditional made of elements like earth, wood, rock and other natural materials. Hanoks are excellent examples of sustainable architecture that benefit man and the environment.

Why You Should Visit Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan


With Gamcheon Village’s population shrinking, the residents got creative and decided to build larger, more permanent homes and attract the new tourist trade. They decided to paint the exteriors of their shops and homes bright colors and turn the village into a cultural center with the installation of tiled art, sculpture and museums as random as early history and dolls.