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Buddhist temples, known for their serene ambiance and intricate architecture, serve as places of worship, meditation, and community gatherings. These sacred spaces, often adorned with statues of Buddha and vibrant artwork, offer visitors a tranquil environment for spiritual reflection and cultural appreciation.

Noy as a monk- monk chat in Luang Prabang

An Hour of Enlightenment: My Monk Chat in Luang Prabang

At 9 am, just as the day’s heat began to rise, I bicycled in the historic town of Luang Prabang, preparing for an enlightening encounter. I parked my bike, a loaner from the Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, near the steps, covered in pink petals from the flowering bush overhead. Before entering the temple grounds, I pulled out the sweater I brought to cover my arms. As requested by Orange Robe Tours.

walking in the footsteps of monks in luang prabang

Walking in the Footsteps of Monks: Alms in Luang Prabang

Immerse yourself in the enchanting morning traditions of Luang Prabang with the captivating almsgiving ceremony and the insightful Orange Robe Tour. As the sun rises over this charming town, embark on a spiritual journey unlike any other. Join me as I share my unforgettable moments of partaking in the almsgiving ritual and delving into the profound teachings during the Monk Chat sessions.


Visiting the Female Monks in Ulsan’s Seoknamsa Temple

Tucked away in the calm mountains above Ulsan, Seoknamsa Temple is a truly peaceful and beautiful spot. It’s easily one of my favorite temples in South Korea. This place is not just about spirituality; it’s where nature and peace come together. When you visit, you’ll find it’s impossible to take a bad picture – that’s how stunning it is. Seoknamsa Temple is a perfect escape from the busyness of life, and I highly recommend checking it out. I highly recommend experiencing the serenity and beauty.

how to visit a temple

How to Visit a Buddhist Temple

Do not touch the monks unless you ask or they touch you first. This is especially true for women. You should also be aware, some temples are not open to women. Do not be offended. Women were allowed in these temples at one time. Women were banned because they menstruate, soiling the mats. Unfortunately the modern day conveniences of tampons has had no effect on the prohibition. Women are still considered “unclean”.

Visiting Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

The White Temple: Visiting Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The temple is always in a state of maintenance and construction. The artist wants Wat Rung Khun to have pilgrimagers that return to Chiang Mai not unlike those who return to Spain’s Sagrada Família or India’s Taj Mahal. And not unlike Antoni Gaudí and Shah Jahan, Ajarn Chalermchai does not expect to see his great work completed as its expected to take approximately 60 and 90 years to complete.