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Freshly caught octopus grilled with garlic and olive oil and served with wine sauce-featured image

Great Meals: Our Octopus Dinner with Don Fernando

We both sat there staring at the plate placed before me. When I ordered a seafood salad, I figured I’d see a little crab and shrimp over some leafy greens with a splash of vinaigrette. I had no idea someone would go into the kitchen and out the back door to the canals beyond, scoop up whatever was unfortunate enough to swim into the net, and serve al fresco with a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. We sat there, staring at the seafood salad I ordered. This is the story about My Octopus Dinner on the Venice Canals at Don Fernando’s in Treviso, Italy.

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A Day in Tuscany: Organic Winery and Local Food at Il Vecchio Maneggio

I’m taking you along on my adventure through Tuscany, a place famous for its picture-perfect landscapes and deep history. But there’s a twist – we’re going eco-friendly. We’ll also see why their food and wine just taste different (in a good way!) and learn why picking organic and local stuff isn’t just a trend—it’s a choice that’s better for us and the planet. Spending the day at Il Vecchio Maneggio is more than just eating and drinking; it’s about making decisions that help keep our earth healthy.

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Spring Fun in Italy: A Birthday to Remember

Today is my birthday and I am spending ot and the month of March in Italy. Spring in Italy has been full of surprises. Despite my initial concerns about the cold potentially spoiling the enjoyment of Italy’s famous natural beauty, my worries were unfounded. The weather is unexpectedly warm, a pleasant surprise that probably points to global warming. The heavy coat I brought, expecting to shield against the chill, has become my personal sauna.

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Returning to Rome: A Journey Filled with Unexpected Twists

As I stepped off the plane, the familiar excitement of returning to Rome hit me. The city’s lively noise greets me like an old friend. I love Rome for its surprises around every corner, where a simple wrong turn can lead you to something ancient. I’ve been inside the Coliseum, walked through the Forum, and even tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain, making a promise to come back one day. Today, I’m keeping that promise.

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Spring Travel Packing Tips for Italy: Essentials for the Long Haul

March brings a fresh start and the promise of new adventures, especially when that adventure leads you to Italy. The arrival of spring in this beautiful country paints a stunning picture of blooming landscapes and vibrant hues, each waiting to be explored. Packing for such a trip is an art form, requiring not just clothes but a well-thought-out list that ensures you’re prepared for any experience Italy offers.

Finding Romance in Sicily

Finding Romance in Sicily

Romance is always a huge part of an island escape in the Mediterranean. Combine it with the rich history, captivating landscape and amazing cuisine of Italy. Long sandy beaches, breath-taking cities cling to rocky cliffs, and where delicious food and wine poured can be enjoyed under the watchful eye of an active volcano. The island is the perfect backdrop for finding romance in Sicily.