Soft Opening at the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sanae Resort Chiang Mai

You hear me talking about soft openings all the time. It is one of my favorite travel tips. A soft opening is when a hotel opens for business. However, all the light fixtures, amenities, or services may not be available. And you get a discount for the inconvenience. I love them and seek them out. When I travel, it’s a great way to get more of a bang for my buck. That’s how I found the hotel we stayed at in Chiang Mai. I googled “soft openings Chiang Mai.” The Sanae Resort popped up. It was under renovation and would be re-opening under new management.

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20161209_162810-1024x576 Soft Opening at the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand

Soft Opening at the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai

What is a Soft Opening?

I absolutely love seeking out soft openings when I travel – it’s one of my favorite budget travel tips. A soft opening occurs when a hotel is open for business, but there might be some incomplete fixtures or missing furniture, and some amenities or services may not be available.

The upside? You usually get a discount as compensation for any inconvenience. I actively look for these opportunities when planning my travels; it’s an excellent way to maximize value for my money. For instance, when we were headed to Chiang Mai, I found our hotel by searching “soft openings Chiang Mai” online. The Sanae Resort, currently under renovation and reopening under new management, offered a significant discount to recoup their investment quickly.

Booking during a soft opening often translates to an upgrade in the accommodations category at a substantial discount despite some inconveniences. In our case, the restaurant, outdoor seating, and pool areas were still under construction, with completion scheduled by the end of the month. However, this wasn’t an issue for us in Thailand, where street food is a delight, and the December weather isn’t ideal for outdoor pool dips. There might be some daytime noise, but considering the savings, it felt like a fair trade-off.

I’ve successfully employed this strategy in destinations like Phuket, Lake Garda in Italy, and Bali, consistently saving significant money. For instance, in Phuket, we paid only $338 for a week at a new luxury resort during its soft opening. The following year, the same Jr. Suite was priced outside my budget at $1200, highlighting the substantial savings that can be achieved with this approach.

20161208_013203-1-1024x576 Soft Opening at the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand
The living room and kitchen of the Sanae Chiang Mai.

Nimmanhaemin Road

Located just off Nimmanhaemin Road, a sought-after area of Chiang Mai, the Sanae is in the midst of a renovation and within walking distance of many restaurants and shopping. The temples of Old Town are just a 10-minute ride away. There are a ton of bars, restaurants, massage parlors, and coffee shops up and down Nimman (abbreviated by the locals) Road. 

What are the Inconveniences?

Although the restaurant, front seating area, and pool area are still under construction. It didn’t inconvenience me at all. Everything was scheduled for completion by the end of the month. That doesn’t pose a problem if you are visiting Thailand. I love eating street food anyway (and it’s much cheaper). And it’s December. Chiang Mai’s not warm enough to dip in an outdoor pool.

20161208_013135-1024x576 Soft Opening at the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand
The bedroom in the Sanae Resort Chiang Mai.

What are the Advantages?

Fortunately, Sanae Chiangmai is only 15 minutes away.  Unfortunately, you can hear airplanes overhead day and night. We were located on the flight line. But so is most of the area. After a day or two, the sound of the planes overhead blended into the city’s background noise. In addition, a hotel car is available for 200 Baht for airport transfers.

I liked the common areas, and I thought they were beautifully decorated. The guests’ rooms are sparsely furnished but are still warm and comfortable, and when it’s done, it will be even lovelier when completed. There are 39 Junior Suites and 6 Executive Suites in the hotel.

What is the Price of a Room?

The price for the same length of stay, still at a discount from the $510 rate next month, is $470. We saved over USD 200 and paid $393 for an 8-day stay. Free coffee, tea, and Wi-Fi are available.

There are a few English-speaking staff members. The hotel is at 8/1 Nimmanhaemin Rd Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand. +66 53 222 299.

Does a soft opening sound like something you’d do to save money? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle

    That really is such a brilliant idea Stacey and the inconvenience is probably so small and worth every penny. Looks like the Sanae is definitely worth a visit

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Thank you Michelle. It was a difficult idea to come by, but it seems to keep me grounded even after leaving Thailand.

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