The Ultimate brunch in Daegu

The Best Brunch and Lunch Cafes in Daegu

If you read my previous post about brunch cafes in Daegu, you know they are causing a stir with exciting new changes. Here are 5 best Brunch cafes in Daegu that you to explore next Sunday. How about a salmon crepe or toasted shrimp sandwich paired with a crunchy fried onion spiral. Or maybe you fancy an eggplant lasagne or crave a hearty beef pot pie? You can find these yummy dishes and more at one of the unexplored brunch cafes listed below:

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K’noker Brunch Cafe
Cuddleford Pizza and Pasta Cafe
Loewe Flores
OFT Cafe
Lately92 Brunch Cafe

K’noker Brunch Cafe

We were on the brink of leaving, but we’re both glad we stayed. This Sunday’s brunch at Knoker Coffee & Brunch, possibly the best brunch cafe in Daegu, turned out to be another delightful “lost in translation” experience that our cellphones and patience thankfully salvaged.

Truthfully, it seems K’noker opened not long ago. The seating is a bit unusual, mostly near the entrance. One staff member kept leaving the door open, making it chilly inside with the temperature at 23 degrees. Despite the cold, the food was excellent, and the other staff members were exceptionally friendly.

Knoker Coffee & Brunch doesn’t offer a wide variety of brunch dishes—there isn’t even a menu. Their current offerings include a pork roll platter, a ham and mushroom sandwich, and spicy tteokbokki—none of which appealed to us. Instead, we chose a toasted shrimp sandwich and loaded French toast, both of which were superb.

The shrimp was perfectly broiled, paired with a beautifully fried onion spiral, red onion, and cherry tomatoes. The French toast was a delight, stuffed with creamy filling and topped with a caramelized banana slice.

I chose a fragrant tropical tea and was pleasantly surprised with a complimentary carafe of hot peach oolong tea. Thank you for the free coffee coupons for future visits – I’ll definitely be returning to use them.


K’noker Coffee & Brunch
141, Myeongdeok-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu


Cuddleford Pizza and Pasta

Indulge in the grandeur of Cuddleford 커들포드 Pizza Pasta Brunch, one of the largest cafes in Daegu. Located near the picturesque Palgonsan, this massive three-story cafe boasts an elevator, leaving us curious about the costs of heating and cooling such a behemoth. Our brunch group made a delightful Sunday stop at Cuddleford, sharing three mouthwatering dishes—a huge pizza, shrimp pasta, and rice pilaf with salad. The portions were generous, and Steven’s proof can be seen as he wheeled it in.

Cuddleford’s beauty is captivating, from the high ceilings to the dramatic crystal chandelier. The rooftop and stadium seating offer stunning views, and the ample windows bathe the cafe in natural light. On a whimsical note, I couldn’t help but yearn for a gown with a luxurious train and a moment to channel iconic figures like Dorothy Dandridge or Lena Horne on that glorious staircase. But I digress. I must admit, I’m a bit disillusioned, lol.

While the second-floor ceiling felt low, and the quality of the sofa seemed a tad wobbly, my curiosity was piqued by the awkwardly placed piano in one corner. It certainly looked peculiar.The food was enjoyable, although bacon and pulled pork seemed to dominate the menu. Personally, I long for salads with fresh and flavorful greens—sour-tasting lettuces need not apply!


Keodeul Ford
대구 동구 팔공로 1334


Loewe Flores Brunch Cafe

Last weekend, our brunch gang decided to try out Loewe Flores, an upscale joint tucked away in the Buk-gu woods. This place isn’t your typical cafe. For example, the cafe is inspired by a similar spot in Madrid, Spain, and you might even spot deer frolicking around as you dine. As for the food, it’s just as memorable as the setting. The menu offers treats like eggplant lasagne served with tomato garlic toast and a set of two coffees, scrumptious bacon, egg, and avocado toast, and delicious French toast with a side of creme brulee.

The elevated view includes trees stretching out all around and mountains in the distance. The decor is minimal but classic with clean lines and tasteful accents. There’s a pretty focus wall for some character and a big, sparkly chandelier hanging right in the middle of the room that acts as a divider for the spacious room. This place really mixes good food with a great vibe I think you’ll enjoy.


Loewe Flores
로에베플로레스35-10, Igok-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu

OFT Cafe

OFT Cafe is located right next to Wolgwang Riverside Park, enhancing the charm of this beautiful riverside park. I climbed the nearby hill to take in the breathtaking views of the park from above.

Pet owners are flocking to the cafe, causing its popularity to soar. Their menu’s packed with brunch favorites like pasta, salads, and quite a few chicken and steak dishes. They’ve also got a good selection of beers and wines.

But let me tell you what irritates me. Their Korean salads, they could definitely be better. They’ve got this sour, green weed that they seem to love. I’m not a fan. And I wish they’d switch it up with some good ole romaine lettuce instead. Plus, their dressing is too sweet for me. It’s got me wondering, would it be way too tacky if I asked them to skip the dressing. Then when nobody’s watching, pull out my own bottle of Paul Newman’s Caesar dressing? Just putting it out there, ha!


Subat-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu


I know Lately92 very well because I’ve been there 4 times for brunch or just a sweet treat. Its a spacious brunch and dessert cafe situated in the Dongu Daegu area. Since the cafe has a focus on eco-friendliness, this enormous cafe stands out as the only large-scale cafe with tropical palm trees inside. The cafe serves quite a few brunch options from 10 to 3 daily. Meanwhile, options include gnocchi, cubed steak, spicy whole shrimp bacon pilaf, and a spicy tomato vegetable soup. Additionally, guests who order a brunch set receive a 2,000 credit towards any drink.

Consequently, the cafe’s interior is designed to provide a unique and inviting atmosphere. The front section of Lately92 is divided into two areas. Visitors are greeted with an inviting ambiance at Lately92. The cafe features a beautiful treescape. At Lately92, the atmosphere is further enhanced by communal seating, a food display, a register, and a captivating white piano on a stage. Lately92 is illuminated by large floor-to-ceiling windows and a greenhouse-like glass ceiling.

So for a change of scenery and a peaceful retreat from kids, visitors can venture through a sliding door into a living bamboo forest, complete with a charming mirrored photo zone and cozy seating. Additional amenities include ample parking, password-protected Wi-Fi, availability on a delivery app, and a stage for captivating live musical performances. As a result, Lately92 is an unmissable destination situated just a few blocks away from Costco.


6, Chorye-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

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I hope you enjoy the list of unique brunch cafes in Daegu. And if you know of any cafes that deserve a spot on the list, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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