Hostel Life– Our Stay at the Seahorse Hostel in Danang

Seahorse Hostel Danang me on rooftop pool

Seahorse Hostel Tropical Da Nang Hotel by Haviland

Have you booked a hostel lately? Me either, until my recent trip to Danang. The hotel we stayed in Danang turned out to be one of the nicest hostels I’ve seen before. Surprisingly, I didn’t even realize it was a hostel until I received the confirmation. But the Seahorse Hostel looked so nice that I didn’t want to change our reservation or the price.

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Hotel or Hostel?

The hotel also functions as a hostel, evident from the presence of backpackers in the ground floor lobby. The lobby is situated in one corner of the establishment, which serves as a cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant depending on the time of day. It was such a unique setup that I overlooked it not just once, but twice. This place excels at multitasking– making the most of its space.

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Hostels have really changed since I was a broke college student. If there were hostels like Seahorse back then, I would have traveled a lot more. Steven and I may not be young backpackers, but we had a blast pretending to be for a couple of days. We hung out with Dutch, Swedish, and Irish kids– staying at the Seahorse Hostel and backpacking across Asia. I don’t think we went to bed until well past midnight, lol.

The Seahorse Hostel Room

The loft we stayed in was fantastic! It had two bathrooms, two flat-screen TVs, a kitchenette, an outdoor marble tub, and a stunning view of the river. The bed and down comforter were incredibly comfortable for this level of accommodation. We loved the loft option because it felt more like a home.

Having two toilets and TVs—one on each level—was convenient. The price point at the Seahorse Hostel was reasonable, and we really appreciated the design elements and the river view. However, the cafe had limited breakfast options, and the elevator was slow and uncomfortably hot. The wall outlets were in funky places, practically unusable and there was no “living” in the living room because the seating was very uncomfortable. The seating in the hostel could use some improvement. In addition, it was scorching hot each and every time we returned to the room. None of these things were deal breakers. We still enjoyed the room. And would consider staying there again if we return to Danang.

Seahorse-Hostel-Danang-exterior--519x692 Hostel Life-- Our Stay at the Seahorse Hostel in Danang

How Much for all this Luxury?

The cheapest room was less than $20, but we treated ourselves to a 2-story loft on the 12th floor for $56. It came with access to a rooftop pool and an incredible view. It was totally worth it!

What about you? Did you travel a lot in your 20s? Did you stay in hostels? Share any interesting stories below in the comments.

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The Location

Dragon Bridge, Night Market, and Bò né Quốc Minh

You can’t beat the location of the Seahorse Hostel. It was in a convenient location near the Dragon Bridge and the night market. And there were plenty of dining options nearby as well. One such place was the Bò né Quốc Minh. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel and well worth the trip. Steven and I ate a variant of this dish every morning in Vietnam. And it ranks up there as one of the best steak and eggs we have ever eaten.

Bò né literally means “dodging beef”– as in dodging the splatter of butter and oil as the beef is sizzling on a hot pan when it’s brought out to your table and it was putting off some heat!!

Bò né Quốc Minh is a local hole in the wall with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings. Their version is served with cucumbers, lettuce, and baguettes. The floor made it evident that we just missed the breakfast rush– open daily from 6-11am only.

The cost– $4.44 for two and includes iced tea.

Bò né Quốc Minh
+84 236 3812 962

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