Unwind in Style: Ultimate Couples Retreat at Boutique G Resort

Hoi An Boutique G Resort breakfast

Check-in Process at Boutique G Resort

I’m excited to share our experience at a G Boutique Resort in Hoi An, where we were greeted with warm hospitality from the moment we arrived. I dislike arriving at hotels at night because it’s dark, limits sightseeing, and I’m usually tired. But as soon as we stepped through the front door, we were welcomed with refreshing welcome drinks and cool towels. That gesture provided a great start to our stay.

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Since it was late, the staff swiftly escorted us to our rooms, assuring us that we could complete the check-in process the following morning. To our surprise, our luggage arrived shortly after we settled in. Adding a personal touch, our host even reached out to us via WhatsApp to inquire about our breakfast preferences, ensuring a customized dining experience. Join us as we delve into the exceptional details of our stay at this extraordinary hotel.

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Our Room at G Boutique Resort

The suite was a true oasis, boasting a humongous balcony facing the river. Our room had an outdoor shower, in addition to a stone tub, it provided the perfect setting for relaxation. The highlight was indulging in two bubble baths, a delightful experience that enhanced our stay. Each room is different at G Boutique, thoughtfully designed with special details. A bright yellow accent wall behind the bed’s simple slatted headboard added a vibrant touch. The room featured charming knick-knacks, a bag of brochures neatly displayed on the bed, elegant arches, and subtle grey tiles are cool under foot.

The clever use of geometric tiles created the illusion of an area rug in front of the bed, extending under the simple wicker bench at the foot. Yellow and gray throw pillows added pops of color throughout the room. We discovered delightful hidden nooks, like a cozy reading bench behind an arched entry, and a charming macrame swing in the opposite corner. A pretty palm prawn fan hung directly over the bed, complementing the room’s aesthetics, while the air conditioning provided much needed comfort.

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Consequently, it was nice to wake up each morning and step out onto our private balcony overlooking the river and pool. I launched my drone a few times to see our hotel and the surrounding lush landscape from above. My only regret. Not using the outdoor shower. I vowed that would be the case the next time I was afforded the opportunity to bathe outside. And I took full advantage of that at our next hotel in Vietnam. Click here to read about our stay at the Seahorse Hostel in Danang.

The Lobby Aesthetic

The exterior of G Boutique features a charming salmon pink adobe facade complemented by sky blue doors, railings, and shutter accents. The long, narrow courtyard is adorned with large Buddhist metal medallions. While overhead, large trees and Chinese lanterns create a captivating canopy. The courtyard is lined with potted plants, and multiple wicker basket pendants hang gracefully. Their overlapping patterns forming an expanding ring that adds to the courtyard’s beauty. The light cast by these wicker pendants creates intersecting ripple effects, resembling the mesmerizing patterns formed when rocks create concentric waves in water.

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Furthermore, step inside to discover a vibrant interior adorned with bold shades of blue and yellow. The lobby is breathtaking. In fact, the mesmerizing geometric tile flooring immediately captured my attention. The furniture is eclectic. Large pieces of dark wood furniture anchor the lobby. Paper mache lanterns of fish hang from the ceiling, and local artwork creates a gallery feel. The large dark wood reception desk atop it creates the impression of a cozy area rug. Intricate papier-mâché fish hang overhead, forming an intriguing display that extends to the adjacent wall near the front door. Beautiful, bright paper mache fish art decorates the entire resort, adding a vibrant touch of whimsy. It’s quite whimsical. Accordingly the lobby’s design is eclectic, yet inviting, making it a captivating space to enter and explore.

Breakfast– The Best Steak and Eggs Ever

Our favorite place to sit and enjoy breakfast, included in our room rate, was poolside. There were no other guests when we arrived. We were lucky to have the villa to ourselves right up until the day we checked out.

The menu has both western and local dishes. I contacted the resort ahead of time to let them know we didn’t eat pork. So we are forever grateful that they took our preferences into consideration. And we both highly recommend the hot pan– steak, french fries, an egg served on a skillet with a freshly toasted baguette. Side note baguettes are a totally reasonable motivation for coming to Vietnam— they are just as good as Paris and much, much cheaper.

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Services & Amenities at the Resort

To conclude, the staff is amazing– shout out to Foung (sp) at the front desk. Above all, she arranged drivers, tickets, and tailor visits, and made sure our stay was amazing. You can borrow a bicycle if you are brave. There is a small gallery and restaurant in the basement, but the best seat in the house is in front of the pool. And all that for less than $75 a night. We loved it and plan to go back soon.

G Boutique Resort
Tổ 05, Thanh Đông, Cẩm Thanh, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam


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