Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea’s Top 10 Experiences

Couples at Summer Activities in South Korea

Get ready for some summer fun in Korea! Many of them are right here in Daegu, like the Suseong Craft Beer Festival. Here are my top 10 must-try activities that will make your hot days and cooler nights unforgettable. It’s still going to be hot, lol. From relaxing at beautiful beaches to immersing yourself in lively festivals, indulging in delicious food, and experiencing thrilling amusement parks, there’s something for everyone.

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1. The Beach

Summer Fun in Korea wouldn’t be possible without the beach. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Korea would have quite a few beaches to the east, west, and south. And whether you choose the cities: Haeundae or Gwangali Beaches in Haeundae-gu, Busan or Eurwangni Beach in Incheon; the southern coastline Sokcho Beach in Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, one of its numerous islands: Jungmun Beach in Seogwipo-si, on Jeju Island… there is a beach with accessible accommodations and attractions for every member of the family.

Click HERE for some stunning beach-adjacent cafes in South Korea.

busan-sand-1024x576 Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences
Haeundae Beach Sand Festival, Busan, South Korea

2. Cultural & Music Festivals
Summer Fun in Korea

The Lantern Floating Festival along the Sincheon River (May), the Colorful Daegu Festival (May), The Boseong Tea Festival (May), Gwangju Toechon Tomato Festival in June, The Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival (July), Haeundae Sand Festival (May), and the Busan Sea Festival on 5 beaches in September. Most of the festivals above have performers, but they aren’t the main events.

There are a number of Music Festivals and summer fun in Korea all over the peninsula. Rock, R&B, and K-pop are just some of the musical performances. Other popular music festivals include the Ansan Rock Festival, Pentaport Rock Festival held in Incheon (August), and the R-16 and Ultra Korea Festivals held in Seoul. Note… the latter may or may not be categorized as music depending on your age at the time of reading. LOL, google it and see what I mean.

Daegu has several summer music and beer festivals: the Suseong Craft Beer Festival and the CHIMAC Beer and Chicken Festival. Click the links for more information.

food-1024x576 Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences
Colorful Daegu Festival

3. Food Festivals

My favorite festivals hands down are the ones with great food, and the Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival held in late July in Duryu Park qualifies on many levels.

In addition, there are some really beautiful cafes here in Daegu and in Busan. Click the links to discover a nice cafe in a cool air-conditioned hotspot during the hot summer days.

For more Daegu festivals and events, click this link.

20150830_202453-1024x576 Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences
Gyeongju’s Anapji Gardens, South Korea

4. Lesser Cities

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Lesser cities include any city other than Daegu, Busan, Incheon, or Seoul. Get out and explore Gyeongju’s Silla Dynasty palace, Anapji Gardens, and burial mounds. Take a scenic drive to Pohang and see the metalwork that the area is famous for, as well as the Hand of Harmony reaching out to the heavens just off the shore. Sip the persimmon wines of Cheongdo and explore the train tunnel turned wine cave. Or delight in climbing the tea fields of Boseong, but don’t leave without sampling the delicious green tea ice cream and churros and bringing home a little tea for later.

13179462_1155205671176961_3090791580887348192_n Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences

5. Everland (Gyeonggi-do)

Sure, you won’t see Mickey or Minny Mouse, but you will be able to ride a camel. Isn’t that much better? Everland is South Korea’s take on Disneyland. The amusement park is divided into five sections: Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure. And just like its more recognizable competitor, it has its share of hair-raising roller coasters, unforgettable if not unrecognizable tunes, and seemingly never-ending lines. So go, what are you waiting for?

love-1024x576 Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences
World in Duryu Park, Daegu

6. Duryu Park

Duryu Park in Daegu is a great place to set up a blanket and enjoy a snack under a shady tree. All summer long, you’ll find scheduled and impromptu entertainment as well as some great festivals and E World. E World is a beautifully landscaped amusement park with a fair share of thrill rides and even more “selfie stations” to enjoy. Walk up to the Daegu Tower to enjoy a number of restaurants, a museum, an indoor ice rink, and some of the best views of the city from its promenade.

7. 4-D Theatre

When it gets really hot, and trust me it will, one of the best places to get respite from the sun is in one of South Korea’s state-of-the-art 4-D Movie theaters. I wouldn’t cough up the extra funds for just any old movie, though. Wait for one of the summer blockbusters to experience the rocking and pulsating chairs, gusts of wind, and sprays of water in your face. It’s pretty fun.

11263120_956916594339204_3895546374382372170_n Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences
Baqus Brewery at Suseong Lake, Daegu

8. Coffee, Dessert, Beer & Wine

Korea has no shortage of cafes from which to watch the world parade by. Take a seat, order an iced coffee (iced coffee ju say yo), or a cold beer. And sit back and watch the summer fun come directly to you.

Screen-Shot-2016-05-01-at-11.01.46-AM Get Set for Summer Fun: Korea's Top 10 Experiences

9. Baseball Game

I love baseball, but I can’t tell you anything about the local team except that there is one. The Daegu Citizen Stadium features the main stadium, a baseball stadium, a wrestling stadium, an indoor ice rink, tennis courts, and many more. The baseball stadium, which was completed in February 1981, is also the home stadium of the professional baseball team, the Samsung Lions and the fun that happens in the excitement zone.

10. Loud, Bright, or Dirty

The Pohang International Fireworks Festival will be held July 29-31, Boryeong Mud Festival in July on Daecheon Beach, and The Daegu International Body Painting Festival in August (TBD).

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  1. Samantha

    My husband and I are moving from Alaska to Daegu this summer and all of these events look fantastic! Thanks for sharing, it makes me and my husband more excited for our new adventure.

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