The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

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비어페스트코리아 Stepping into the Unexpected

If someone had told me a week ago that I would be spending an entire night immersed in the aromatic frenzy of craft beers at the Daegu Craft Beer Festival in Suseong (비어페스트코리아) I would have been skeptical. Yet here I am, after having experienced what has, without a doubt, been the most memorable event this year in Daegu. Not only did I stay longer than I initially planned, but I also had an amazing time – an unexpected yet welcome surprise!

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Food-Daegu-craft-beer-festival-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

The Daegu Craft Beer Festival: A Melting Pot of Breweries

The Daegu Craft Festival is not the very popular Chimac (chicken and beer) festival that takes place next month in Duryu Park. But there’s plenty of beer in Suseung too.

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I don’t drink beer often. However, this year’s festival surpassed all expectations. The array of craft beer vendors was phenomenal – they came from every nook and cranny of South Korea, from as far as Seoul and Busan. A lot of familiar faces were present, such as Busan’s Galmegi, Gyeongju’s Whasoo Brewery, and Daegu’s own Daedo, reminding me of those fun brewery visits with my husband, Steven.

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20230602_191239-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

However, the most exciting part was the new entrants. Breweries I had never even heard of before, like Ranch Brewery, Byeol Microbrewery, The Whotbrewery, Andong Hemp Lager Beer, Belgium Premium Beer, Artmonster, Reindeutsch Brewery, Daegyeong Brewery, Magictree Brewery, Magpie Brewery, and Ggeek Beer Company, all made a bold statement with their unique brews.

20230602_191311-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

It was a pleasant surprise to also see San Miguel from the Philippines having a stall at the Daegu craft beer festival. The internationally renowned brewery’s presence added a delightful global touch to this local event. Now that’s a brewery I’d like to visit in person sometime in the future.

Strawberry-sour-at-Daegu-craft-beer-festival-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

A New Discovery: Bubble Chemistry’s Strawberry Sour Beer

Bubble Chemistry totally won me over at the festival with their strawberry-flavored sour beer. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of beer. The strong flavor just doesn’t sit right with me. However, this beer balanced sweet and sour strawberries with none of that overwhelming beer taste. Almost like an uncarbonated cider, which I do like. Believe it or not, I ended up downing an entire pint!

Sausages-Daegu-craft-beer-festival--519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

Feast for the Senses: Food and Entertainment

The festival was not just about the beer, though. There was an abundance of food that rivaled the craft beer in terms of variety and taste. There was fried chicken, sausages, kebabs, seafood, BBQ, steak, you name it – they were all there. I almost grabbed a cotton candy on the way out.

Unforgettable Weekend: Music, Giveaways and More

Live Entertainment

The Daegu Craft Beer Festival also served as a vibrant stage for live entertainment. The rhythm of the night was impossible to resist, and it was the perfect accompaniment to the savory food and splendid beer.

Sweets-Daegu-craft-beer-festival-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

Amazing Weather and More

This year’s 비어페스트코리아 was graced with weather that was nothing short of perfect. The open skies were drenched in sunlight and the cool breeze added a sense of tranquility. This was all elevated as the day transitioned into a beautiful evening – the sky painted in hues of a candy-colored sunset served as the perfect backdrop to the lively festival. As the sun said its goodbye, the festival vibes shifted, turning the event into an even more exciting experience post-sundown.

Giveaways Galore

The festival was also rife with giveaways, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings– but only if you had half a beer in your cup.

Zero-pergormance-at-Daegu-Craft-Beer-Festival-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

A Surprising Guest: Zero of TFN

In a delightful twist, this year’s Daegu Craft Beer Festival featured a surprise celebrity appearance. Adding a touch of stardom to the event was Zero, a member of the popular boy group TFN. This Japanese rapper and singer, known for his distinctive style and charismatic stage presence, lit up the festival with his energy.

Zero’s music, much like the craft beers at the festival, is an exciting blend of flavors, harmonizing his Japanese roots with his modern, global sensibilities. This fusion of cultures and genres mirrors the ethos of the Daegu Craft Beer Festival, making Zero’s appearance all the more fitting.

His presence at the festival thrilled the fans of TFN who were in attendance. It also added another layer of vibrancy to the already exhilarating event. Attendees sipped their beers and indulged in the array of mouthwatering food. They were treated to a awesome performance underscoring the festival’s status as a must-visit event.

Sign-Daegu-craft-beer-festival-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

Wrap Up

Whether you choose to drop by tonight, tomorrow, or even on Sunday, do not miss out on this spectacular event! So, come over, grab a cold craft beer, and savor the experience. Hope to see you there. And if you don’t make it this year, make survto drop it in your calendar for this time next year

Remember, the Daegu Craft Beer Festival (비어페스트코리아) at Suseong Lake runs from June 2-4, 2023. The festival is open on Friday from 1600 to 2200. And on Saturday from 1400 to 2200, and Sunday from 1400 to 2100.

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The-Daegu-Craft-Beer-Festival-at-Suseong-Lake-Delivers-519x692 The Daegu Craft Beer Festival at Suseong Lake Delivers

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