Beyond South Korea’s Purple Island: Is it Worth It?

Purple Island gate

Banwoldo (Banwold Island) is located off the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula, adjacent to Bakjido Island. An expansive bridge connects them. Collectively, they are referred to as the Purple Island. The residents painted everything on both islands to encourage more tourist traffic. And so far, it is working. It made me want to visit, and here is what I discovered when I recently traveled there with friends.

Experience Soumou Cafe’s Unique Blend of Garden and Modern Vibes

Soumou-Cafe-Cheongdo46- featured image

During my recent visit to Soumou, nestled within the scenic embrace of Geumjandi Farm, Qingdao Cheongdo, I was captivated by its picturesque setting and its remarkable dual identity. Soumou, open for less than a month, deftly combines two contrasting yet complementary identities. It serves as a Traditional Garden Shop, boasting expansive mountain views.

Savoring Sunday: Brunching at CG Bon in Daegu, South Korea

CG Bon Brunch cafe light rings

CG Bon is a two-story, warehouse-style brunch cafe and bakery serving pasta, salads, bread, and pastries, a local favorite on Sundays. The cafe serves brunch, offering salads, pasta, desserts, and coffee. The two-story restaurant offers traditional table seating with various chairs, benches, and Korean platforms. CG Bon is one of the original OG cafes in the city.

Yummy Treats at Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo, South Korea

Objeto Brunch Cafe Cheongdo entrance

Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo I stopped in Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo a few years ago when my phone was dying, and I needed it to navigate home. I grabbed a coffee while my phone charged, sitting near the window because of the expansive view, which was far more panoramic than the cafe building […]

Unlock Smooth Travel: Guide to Getting a Hi-Pass


Embark on a hassle-free road trip with the Hi-Pass Card from Camp Henry, unlocking seamless travel across the entire Korean peninsula. South Korea boasts an extensive highway network spanning over 4,000 kilometers, dotted with vibrant cities and diverse landscapes waiting to be explored. Navigating this network is made effortless, thanks to numerous toll roads. Maximize your journey’s efficiency by leveraging the local infrastructure and acquiring a Hi-Pass Card.

Through My Eyes: Cataract Surgery at Daegu Catholic Hospital


I am finally getting cataract surgery in Daegu in a few days, and I couldn’t be more excited. This surgery has been a long time coming. My eyesight has been problematic for quite a while. While I can see, it’s not clear; I’m peering through the fog, and bright light, incredibly white light, is almost unbearable. Over the years, I’ve had to update my eyeglasses prescription twice annually. I’ve also experimented with contact lenses.

The Peak Pleasures: Unparalleled Views at Landscape Cafe

Snacks at Landscape Cafe in Cheongdo

The Landscape Cafe is a beautiful brand-new cafe in the mountains of the Qingdao area of Cheongdo. The name doesn’t quite encapsulate the view. And unfortunately, neither do my efforts to capture its beautiful landscape between my lenses. Yet, as I persist, I implore you to visit this and some of my other favorite countryside cafes in this fabulous town.