Things to Do in Mon Jam Chiang Mai’s Garden of Eden

Day Trip from Chiang Mai

Mon Jam is a fabulous day trip from Chiang Mai. One thing I’ve learned from travel is that you don’t have to schedule every moment of your adventure for it to be a success. Mon Jam serves as a fantastic escape from the busy streets of Chiang Mai. It also provides an unscripted getaway and an opportunity to retreat into nature. Like Mae Kampong, Mon Jam is a popular destination among tourists and locals searching for a peaceful and visually stunning excursion in the hills of the northern region of Thailand. Here is a list of my favorite things to do in Mon Jam.

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Exploring Mon Jam’s Natural Beauty

where to eat in Mon Jam– บ้านม่อนม่วน Baan Mon Muan

The place we had lunch at was a sanctuary for all the senses. บ้านม่อนม่วน Baan Mon Muan is a restaurant and hotel surrounded by an ocean of nature’s best greenery. Baan Mon Muan is located on one of the prettiest plots of lush mountaintop property overlooking a hillside farm, this scenic lodge sits under the majesty of the Doi Suthep–Pui National Park.

Baan Mon Muan features furnished villas with wood balconies and expansive views that make you want to pinch yourself. The lodge has 10 airy villas with Wi-Fi, sitting areas and canopy beds. Each room is equipped with minifridges, tea and coffeemakers, and rainfall showers. Or plurge for an upgraded room that includes whirlpool tubs and a flat-screen TV. But honestly, I wouldn’t turn it on. The view from the balcony will be better than anything you can turn into on the television.

Breakfast is served in a bright restaurant that has a terrace and panoramic views. There’s also a gym, a library and, cafe with the same awe-inspiring views. Baan Mon Muan has a large parking lot. And Doi Suthep, Ma Sa Waterfall, and Queen Sikrit Botanical Garden are within 30 minutes from the resort.

Taste the Local Flavors of Mon Jam

Baan Mon Muan boasts a restaurant that serves delectable local Northern Thai dishes. You can indulge in these culinary delights amidst the charming ambiance of a beautifully decorated restaurant and terrace, all while enjoying panoramic views. Additionally, the resort offers a fully-equipped gym, a serene library, and a cafe with the same awe-inspiring vistas.

Baan Mon Muan provides ample parking space. Moreover, the resort’s strategic location means that iconic attractions such as Doi Suthep, Ma Sa Waterfall, and Queen Sikrit Botanical Garden are all within a 30-minute drive, making it an ideal hub for exploring the region.

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A Photographer’s Paradise in Chiang Mai

Mon Jam Peak and the Yingyong Flower Garden

It’s incredibly easy to lose yourself behind the camera lens at Mon Jam. I was concerned we wouldn’t see any flowers on Mon Jam Peak, because they peak, pun intended, in October. It was early September. Fortunately, nature provided a small, but vivid show of her wonders– no color correction necessary. The peak will become one of your favorite things to do in Mon Jam too.

This place is an absolute visual delight, a living painting that feels almost surreal. The misty day intensified the vibrancy of the trees, grass, and flowers. I can hardly fathom waking up to such beauty every morning. Selecting just a few pictures for this blog post proved difficult. I had so many to choose an from.

Experiencing the beauty of Mon Jam in person is an absolute must. When you visit, be sure to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery. Take the time to allocate a few unhurried hours, as Mon Jam deserves to be savored and explored at a leisurely pace, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its enchanting landscapes.

There wasn’t enough time to check out MOn Jam in a day, so next time we’ll come to stay longer. A few things I would have like to check out besides a yurt were the expansive view at YODDOI Coffee and the traditional cart racing.

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