Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes

My Favorite Asian Foods- Khao Soy from Chiang Mai

Food is a very important part of travel. That importance expands infinitely when traveling and or living abroad. Asian Foods and drinks are among my favorites. It’s so simple but still gives us an insight into the people, the food traditions and history. And street food in Asia resonates like nothing else. There’s nothing like good fast food at a roadside café. The flavors and aromas ignite all the senses and become what you remember most about the place.

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street-foods-around-Asia-2-683x1024 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes

My Favorite Asian Foods and Drinks

Whether its fast food, finger foods, street carts, street vendors, an open-air cafe, or sold on the side of the road food in Asia is delicious. And most of the time, we describe our travels in terms of the food we eat. We talk about the people we meet over meals. Or the information we learn over a coffee or a craft beer. Good food brings people together–it makes us hypersensitive to our environment. And I had a lot of favorite foods in Asia.

Why I Love Asian Food

We had just come back from Chiang Mai and I was sitting in a Daegu coffee shop with my friend Jacqui talking about how freaking phenomenal the food was in Thailand.

Do you like night markets? Check out my experience at the Raohe Night Market in Taipei.

I whispered that I had eaten some Indian food in Thailand that was just as good as an orgasm and we laughed. But I was so serious.

I don’t know what they put in that biryani, but I remember closing my eyes and sinking into my chair, thinking this can’t get any better. Five minutes later, a pretty Korean girl came over and sat down next to me. She apologized for listening to our conversation, but she wanted to know how to get the restaurant. A girl’s gotta eat, right? I think she was looking for her favorite foods in Asia too.

My one of my favorite dishes is Niu Rou Mien, a delicious beef noodle soup in Taiwan. Click HERE to learn all about it.

Must-see-South-Korea-kimchi Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes
Must-eat-South-Korea-gimbap Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes

Gimbap is a Korean dish made from cooked rice meats, seafood, and vegetables, rolled in a thin seaweed wrap and cut into bite bite-size slices.

South Korea

Not a Fan of Korean Street Food

I loved almost everything I ate while traveling, especially the street foods and most definitely the street food in Thailand and Cambodia– where we almost always pulled up a plastic chair to a plastic table. It’s no surprise surprise that there are more Korean dishes below. But it is surprising, there are no Korean street foods on my list. I live in Korea and Korean food is my least favorite street food. We prefer restaurants to the street markets. Just about all the street food here comes on a stick– the chicken on a stick and the potato spirals on a stick are pretty good. And that, my friends, is my entire experience with Korean street food.


Must-eat-Indonesia-2 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes
Must-drink-Indonesia-kopi-luwak2 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes


My favorite Asian foods hands down is the street food in Thailand. Everything was delicious from the desert to the savory stuff.

Order a glass of the lemon iced tea which is dark in color and spicy sweet. You can get Khao Soi just about anywhere in Chiang Mai, but don’t do that. Purposefully eat it at one of the family-owned restaurants, like Zood Zood. You might ask why I just don’t say eat at Zood Zood. We ate it at Zood Zood, at the night market, on the walking tour… you get the point. It’s that good.

Khao Soi

I love Thai food. And eating Khao Soi was literally the first thing we ate after arriving in Chiang Mai. It was that freaking good, it was also the very last thing we did before leaving Chiang Mai. Khao Soi is a northern Thai coconut curry soup, is an iconic part of the region’s cuisine. It is made with yellow curry, a splash of coconut milk, a chicken drumstick and crunchy noodles on top. The flavors, layered and sweet, sour and spicy. Its served with a side of red onions, herbs, and a lime wedge.


Egg coffee is not a Vietnamese coffee, it is from the city of Hanoi. It is traditionally prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and Robusta coffee. Originating during the war when milk was in short supply,  and substituted with egg yolk. Whipped into a yummy frothy drink that was surprisingly one of my favorite foods in Asia. Egg coffee, according to BuzzFeed is “liquid tiramisu”. However, not as many places have it on the menu. Dinh Coffee is an institution in the city and an adventure you won’t forget once you find it.

Must-eat-Vietnam-egg-noodle-soup Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes


egg-coffee-1024x576 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes
Must-eat-Vietnam-Spring-Rolls Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes




My favorite foods in Asia is street food. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables. As you’d expect a lot of fried foods, rice, and noodles. And it’s all usually presented beautifully on a banana leaf.

Must-eat-Cambodia-2 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes
Must-eat-Vietnam-dessert-w-condensed-milk Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes




Is it still called Chinese food in China? One of my favorite Asian food experiences was eating Peking Duck in Beijing. I learned immediately that the Americanized Chinese food I’ve been eating my whole life is nothing like the food in China. It does not have the same flavor, consistency, texture or ingredients. Except when it comes to dim sum.

Must-eat-China-dumplings Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes


Dim Sum

Dim sum is tiny packets of heaven filled with pork, beef, seafood, and vegetables that originated in the Canton region of China (Guangzhou). It is by far one of my favorite foods in Asia.

Waiters hand out cards and you can pick your favorites and choice of tea. Choose between dumplings, rolled, buns, cakes, meats like chicken feet or meatballs and desserts like tarts. Servers roll dim sum out on a cart and served in small steamer baskets to stay warm. Dim sum dishes are usually served with tea and filled with a variety of ingredients based on location.

egg-coffee-and-other-delicious-foods-519x778 Asian Foods Adventure: Unveiling My Most Loved Dishes



  1. Leo T. Ly

    Tasty local food is a must when I travel. Living in Toronto, Canada, I blessed with many multicultural restaurants in the city. However, I would love to try all the foods that you mentioned in this post locally. It’s just too good not to try.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I love Toronto, it was of the first places I traveled abroad to. I’ve been to Toronto’s Caribana three times.

  2. MaryAnne

    Unfortunately I haven´t had the opportunity to travel a lot and mett other cultures but I´d definetely loved to.. thanks for sharing

    1. duffelbagspouse

      So true. Unfortunately some people travel and look for western style restaurants failing to really take advantage of what travel ha to offer us.

  3. Carol Cassara

    What’s even better is that you get to taste these in the country itself instead of a themed restaurant. I think it’s a lovely experience! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      You are so right. Enjoying foods in situ is definitely more delicious. I remember eating a spaghetti marinara in a Roman square and it was the absolutely best spaghetti I can ever remember eating.

  4. Elizabeth O.

    Asian food is fresh and very packed with flavor. I love trying out the different dishes that they have to offer! This is a pretty cool list!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      IKR, its so much more easy to eat that way with a market on every street. I wish America was like that, and I know why we can’t and that makes me sad too.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Glenda, first of all my best friend in the whole world is Glenda. lol I hope you get a chance to try a few dishes, there are Vietnamese and Thai restaurants everywhere, just ask for their recommendation and dig in.

  5. Natalie

    Chiang Mai is definitely on my bucket list! I’ve never been to Asia but Thailand is high on my list. I’ve heard they have amazing fresh fruits, a heavenly place for a vegan!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Should have warned you first. Don’t diet.. that sucks… make a lifestyle change and eat everything in moderation… start with the pho and end with the mango sticky rice.

  6. Chloe Ranford

    Yum, dim sum is my go-to food! Such amazing balls of goodness! Now I’m eyeing up the mango sticky rice too… quick Google – where can I get me some of that!?

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I had some of THE best dim sum in an airport in Malaysia… an airport kiosk. Unbelievable you just gotta go for it some times, you never know where your next great meal will come from.

  7. Anastasia Blogger

    Ah, what a collection of yummy photos! We don’t have much variety of Asian restaurants in my city, but after seeing this, I can’t help going to my favorite Japanese restaurant today!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Really, where is that… I need to never go there. lol Sounds like your in need of a ROAD TRIP. Thanks for your support.

  8. Becki Svare

    One of our favorite things when traveling is trying local foods! I’ve not tried most of what you mentioned, and it all looks so great! Might have to head East next!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I am always looking for new foods, I can’t do everything because smell means a lot to me and some stuff (especially here in South Korea) just don’t pass the sniff test.

  9. Jessica

    I lived in Asia for a few years, but never had been to Korea. There is really a coffee made from animal waste? What is it called? That’s crazy!

  10. Azlin Bloor

    Great list, who doesn’t love Asian food?! Coming from South East Asia, it’s definitely my kind of food! Fyi, that chicken is wrapped in pandan leaves, not banyan.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Thank you so much for fixing that. I’m lost in translation much of the time over here, which if I’m honest is awesome because it makes the experiences so much more interesting and fun to write about.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I love kimchi too. I cant eat it everyday like the locals though. I love Asian food for the fresh ingredients.

  11. Beth Davidson

    I’ve been trying to expand my palate lately, so I liked reading this for new ideas. I never know what to order at new Asian restaurants. Really looking forward to trying something Vietnamese!

  12. Author Brandi Kennedy

    Ooh, I’d love to try dim sum, and also the egg coffee – I imagine the egg yolk being whipped would make the coffee super smooth and creamy. But the goi cuon? Poison sauce? I think I’ll pass.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      LOL thats the dreaded auto correct at work. I fixed it thanks, its a peanut goi cuon sauce and its delicious. I ended up drinking two egg coffees and you are exactly right very creamy, no idea there is egg yolk in there.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      It’s amazing but yes, the curry’s are amazing. I have enjoyed all of them more than I can describe in words.

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