Why You Should Go To Thailand Immediately

Thailand beaches are beautiful

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that is physically and culturally diverse. The country has everything from uninhabited islands to beautiful beaches and the jungles of Phuket in the south. Bangkok is lively and full of notable restaurants and things to do. Travel north, and you’ll be immersed in the majestic mountains, temples, and native people of Chiang Mai. And that’s why you should go to Thailand.

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  1. Why You go to Thailand
  2. It’s Accessible
  3. Modern Convenience, Authentic Culture
  4. Great Weather
  5. Pin Me – Fisherman’s Harbour Resort
  6. Awesome Value
  7. Amazing Food
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Massages and Other Amenities
  10. Diversity
  11. The Thai People
  12. Expat Friendly
  13. Pin Me – The Culture
  14. Related Articles
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Why You Should Go To Thailand

Here are Just a Few Reasons but There are a Lot More

I love Thailand. I could probably list 100 reasons, why, but here are 10 that should get you on a plane if you’re looking for somewhere new to fall in love with.

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It’s Accessible

There are tons of direct flights to Phuket, Bangkok, or Chiang Mai, so it’s easy and relatively cost-effective to get to. And while it might take a little time, it is generally easy to travel within Thailand.


Modern Conveniences 

It’s quite developed in terms of infrastructure — so for weary travelers, no worries about blackouts, shortages, etc.

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The Weather

Thailand in December is the place to be. I love having a warm destination for our Anniversary celebration. Even though Thailand is a relatively small nation, the rainy season varies from region to region. Check, but Thailand’s rainy season is reliable from late May/June to October. The following is a quick approximate guide for your convenience.

Hottest time: Mar – June
Rainy Season: Jul – Oct
Burning Season: Feb – May
Best Time: Oct – Feb


Fishermans-Harbour-Phuket-683x1024 Why You Should Go To Thailand Immediately

Great Value Destination

It is a HIGH-VALUE destination. it’s probably one of the few places of its caliber that is still cheap! No matter whether you’re a backpacking digital nomad, a spa worshipper, or somewhere in between, you will find great value for your money in accommodations, food, and activities.

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Amazing Food– Cheap

The food is AMAZING. The quality of the food is amazing and it is really cheap too. It’s one of the few places you won’t want to eat in a restaurant because street food is exceptional.

Modern-conveniences-Thailand-1024x576 Why You Should Go To Thailand Immediately

Great Infrastructure

It’s super easy to get from city to city via bus, minivan, taxi, or private car. Flights within the country are cheap and abundant.


$10 for a 90-minute massage that is worth 10 times that. Enough said.


Whether you are a yogi or thrill-seeker, a sun worshipper or party animal, animal activist, or on a spiritual quest or just looking to doing nothing at all– Thailand has something for you.

The Thai People

Thai people are extraordinarily nice and welcoming. Everywhere we’ve been, the locals have been ridiculously helpful and friendly. We’ve been to Thailand three times, and I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be going back again as soon as we can.

You Can Live There

Thailand is both exotic and welcoming to foreigners who visit or want to stay awhile. You can call it home, many foreign nationals have. The cost of living is extremely low, many of the locals speak English fluently and the Internet is modern and efficient for digital nomads who are location independent.


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  1. michenn

    I’ve been to Thailand once (Bangkok) and I miss it! I was just talking with my friend that we should visit; she’s been to the beaches and said it’s one of the best beaches she’s ever been to!

  2. Rebecca Swenor

    Thailand is a place I would really love to visit so day. It would be amazing to go in Dec. with the warm weather. I love that it is a cheaper destination and getting a 90 minute massage for $10 sounds so relaxing. Thanks for sharing these great reasons to visit Thailand.

  3. Elizabeth O

    Is that you looking happy in the front seat of a taxi? Hahaha! I love South East Asia and will always be ready for a trip in that region of the world.

  4. Nay

    I have so many friends who have visited Thailand and loved it. I’m so tempted to go, but wonder how suitable it would be as a holiday destination for my young children.

  5. Nina

    I have had a few friends that have gone to Thailand and they told me how amazing it was. And now after reading your post and seeing your photos it really makes me want to plan a trip!

  6. Jay

    Love these ideas !! I went to Thailand Last years and LOVED it !! Thailand is a great budget travel destination but is also so beautiful and rich with culture!!

  7. Josselyn Radillo


  8. Jenn JG

    Everything looks amazing, the food, the hotel, the scenery! I love that little golf cart looking car you guys are riding out in!!

  9. Blair villanueva

    Thailand is the cheapest destination here in Asia. All are cheap – foods, housing, transportation, have faster internet connection, and rich culture. Foods are the best.

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