Save Money with Off Season Travel

Offseason travel saves money

If you’re like me then you dream of traveling the world. Visiting the little known and remote places. As well as well-traversed and iconic destinations you’ve read about or watched on TV. It may be hard to do unless you have a good plan and exercise flexibility. And one of the best ways to do this is to save money with off-season travel.

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Save Money with Off-Season Travel

The Rewards of off-peak travel

Traveling in the offseason, or low season can be quite beneficial. First, there are the cost savings; from flights to hotels, car rentals, and attractions-– everything costs less when the peak season expires. The second reason is that the crowds are a lot smaller, too. Imagine not waiting with your children hour after hour, shoulder to should with other exhausted families, for the chance to see that tiny faded picture of the Mona Lisa or claim a tiny space in the Sistine Chapel barely able to look up.

With that being said, there are a few things you should take into consideration when planning an offseason vacation. Having traveled to Greece during the summer with my kids, I expected to have a very similar, if not less chaotic, experience a few months later with the entire family.

And while I thoroughly recommend off-peak travel to Greece or most any other warm destination, a few things are worth noting. Some of the following travel tips are common sense and can be applied to any destination; others may help you avoid an extra expense, a missed opportunity, or added stress. With budgeting, these tips are great ways to travel more, better, and further.

Tips for Stress Free Travel

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Tip #1– Know What You’re Getting

You need to know what’s included because you may have to deal with travel inconveniences. If you can put up with the street construction, lack of hotel amenities, lobby remodel, or an obstructed view to the beach; ask for a reduced rate or even a complimentary upgrade.

I once stayed at an absolutely gorgeous hotel I couldn’t normally afford in the hills around Lake Garda while they built a new swimming pool. I wasn’t inconvenienced a bit… the lake was just steps away.

Rozell Crepe and Brunch Cafe in Daegu

Tip #2– Get Clarification

Don’t take anything for granted. Just because the hotel advertises a pool on their website, make sure it will be available during your trip.

Non-peak months are the perfect time for renovation and routine maintenance. However, on another trip, I knew the water would not be warm enough to swim, so I booked a hotel with an indoor pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.

Unfortunately, I didn’t call in advance to find out that the pool and all the aforementioned amenities would not be in service when we arrived. With a lack of public indoor pools, my kids were sad to hear they wouldn’t be swimming on this trip.

The result: a drastic reduction in my own reading time and the added stress of finding replacement activities.

Enjoy the Weekand in Gyeongju– Hidden Brunch Cafe

Tip #3– Research

Don’t assume all travel excursions will be available. Take a moment to surf the Internet or call the hotel. Most large attractions have websites with seasonal hours of operation. Call to verify important information gathered from the Internet with a travel professional or the hotel staff.

I researched activities and found this wonderful boat tour to the Underground River, so I booked flights and a hotel to the beautiful island of Palawan in the Philippines only to find out the river was closed for four days this year and of course, those four days were in the middle of our planned trip.

Missing Anthony Bourdain and His Culinary Adventures

Tip #4– Always Ask

They can only say no.

So go ahead and ask. With fewer guests you may find the staff much more obliging especially during the low season to give you what you want, offer you reduced pricing, or extra amenities.

Perfume Chronicles: Crafting My Signature Scent in Singapore

Tip #5 — Weather

Off-peak season is usually defined by the weather, so be cautious when planning a vacation to areas subject to extreme weather;

Most attractions are closed on Monday, or close early during off-peak seasons, so plan accordingly;

Weather can change dramatically, so come prepared with enough layers to put on or take off, like a sweater or light jacket.

Keep in Mind…

While low-season travel has its risks, you might find the benefits heavily outweigh them. It gives you an opportunity to delve deeper into the local color and enjoy an exceptionally unique travel experience. In the end, a pool would have been nice, but the kids didn’t seem to miss it.

SMART-MONEY-TIPS-3-683x1024 Save Money with Off Season Travel

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  1. Krysti

    These are all wonderful tips! I definitely need to save as much money as I can to travel so any way to help not spend it all at once is welcome!

  2. Author Brandi Kennedy

    These are great tips – I would be so frustrated to plan a trip somewhere only to find out that half the things I chose my hotel for were unavailable. I’ll have to keep this in mind for when I FINALLY reach the traveling stage of my life.

  3. maria han

    I love traveling off season it’s too cheap than a peak season and you can choose a beautiful suite

  4. Michelle

    Absolute great tips for things to consider. I think off season travel is generally a great idea. Especially for beachy type trips, IMO.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      ou just have to be a aware of the region. Being safe is more important of course than saving a few bucks. But a little inconvenience can totally be worth it if you do the research and make good decisions.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Me too. We love the beach during the winter. Neither one of swim in the ocean, well he doesn’t swim at all. We just love the smells and the sounds. We may have to travel a little further away for services, but one of my favorite anniversaries (December) was spent on the North Carolina coast. It was cool, but all we needed was a sweater during the day and we could leave our balcony doors open at night to listen to the waves.

  5. Krysten

    These are great tips. I don’t travel much, but when I do it’s usually on off season. I don’t get to do as much, normally, but I do get to see mostly what I want and get the experience still. It is a great way to save money.

  6. Esse D

    I understand this method completely! My family typically vacations in beach houses in the off season because no one really wants to swim in the ocean and it’s usually warm enough to walk the beach during the day. This saves us thousands on luxury living.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Thats us too. We love the ocean sounds and smells but dont necessarily go into the water.

  7. Melanie Smith

    Thank you so much for this amazing tips. I am planning my next family trip and these tips are really helpful. Saving money is amazing while traveling hahaha.

  8. Kandace Reyes

    Thank you for such wonderful insight! With five children under the age of 8 travel has to be well planned out every time. Since we homeschool, we’re able to travel during off seasons and have run into more than one “closed” sign because of it. This was all practical advice I can use when planning our next vacation. Thanks!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      So true. I’ve encountwred my fair share of clised signs during travels. But there are always other things to do if you are creative and keep your eyes open to something interesting and different.

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