Cafe Tims: The Heart of Suseong’s Vibrant Alpha City

Cafe Tims mint lemonade, iced Americano and tiramisu- featured image

Alpha City in Suseong

Alpha City in Daegu, South Korea, has been experiencing a vibrant culinary renaissance with numerous cafes and restaurants sprouting up, adding to the dynamic atmosphere of the area. Intrigued by the buzz surrounding the new establishments, Steven and I were eager to explore a quaint dessert cafe in this burgeoning district in Suseong, making it the perfect destination for our outing today.

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Smart City Data Hub

Alpha City, the first Smart City Data Hub in Daegu, collects and analyzes urban data to improve city management and services. The hub will utilize artificial intelligence to optimize this data hub while it collects, stores, manages, and analyzes various kinds of city data related to traffic, safety, urban administration, and more.

Cafe Tims (sp. Cafe Teams in Naver)

It turns out Cafe Tims is one of only a handful of businesses open in Alpha City. We noticed a couple of coffee spots, golf fitters, a sandwich cafe, and the parking garage we parked in. We could have parked in the city like everyone else did, but we didn’t. And it was pretty pricey at 4,000 KRW for about 90 minutes. A new hotel will be opening up next week, but other than that, there wasn’t much going on for a Sunday morning in Daegu.

Cafe Tims Decor (Inside and Out)

According to the owners, Cafe Tims opened in Suseong in May. You can tell the cafe is new from the patches of sod and brand-new bamboo shoots surrounding the perimeter and the cafe’s blindingly shiny rain gutters. The light gray exterior with blue signage is striking from a distance. In stark contrast, although still neutral, the interior is a bit on the dark side. It’s decorated in deep grays and beige minimalism. Large leafy green potted plants, books, and flowers add pops of color and soften the edges of the less is more decor. Today, the big windows frame the most beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

We sat in the corner nearest the counter, facing the front entrance. Both the seating and table were low to the ground but surprisingly comfortable. I later moved to the adjacent window seat, better suited to use my laptop. The Wi-Fi is secured, and there are plenty of power outlets, unlike Pace Popo Cafe, an amazing Suseong cafe I visited for lunch yesterday.

The Menu

I knew going in that the menu was heavily focused on coffee. We were introduced to three levels of quality: single bean, blend, and designer-like bean. As is often the case, Steven selected a mid-range Ethiopian bean for his iced Americano. I opted for a lemonade with grapefruit and mint syrup– both pretty and delicious.

We also selected a tiramisu from the three dessert options. The other options were cheesecake and a mild cake. I’m not a huge fan of tiramisu, but Steven loves it. However, the tiramisu was unconditional, with a layer of ice cream. It was very good. And the presentation, on a black slate with two dollops of cream and some green sprig– was very nicely done.

The cafe also currently serves three different kinds of bagels. And from the reviews, they are very tasty. If you visit, please let us all know in the comments below.

Reflecting on My First Time as a Podcast Guest

Affogato Service

Ten minutes later, one of the pretty staff members brought over an affogato. She said it was service, which here in Korea means free.

I love affogatos. They are usually, but not always, vanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso. This one was two scoops of yummy ice cream on a bed of almonds sprinkled with chocolate shavings. It might be one of the best affogatos I’ve ever had. And that’s no small pronouncement.

I don’t know why they were so generous, but I appreciate the small tokens of kindness we often receive when visiting these cafes.

There’s plastic on Everything

Lol, there’s plastic on the metal barriers; it’s so new. If I worked around here, I’d be happy to have a fantastic coffee house nearby for my early morning caffeine fix. Although I have noticed more and more coffee shops opening earlier in the day, I’d be eager to see if they add more items to their menu in the future. Above all, I wish the new owners good luck, and I wish I could stick around to see how the bamboo and grass grow over time. But you can. Don’t forget to visit Cafe Tims next time you’re at a baseball game or starting your road trip from the Suseong IC.

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