A Postcard from the Past: A Time Capsule in Busan

Journey through time with a special postcard from Busan. This blog post shares an adventure of writing to the future, receiving the past, and reliving unforgettable experiences. Dive into a unique solo trip and be inspired to create your own time capsule.

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A Mysterious Mailbox in the Heart of Busan

During my solo exploration of the vibrant cityscape of Busan, South Korea, I happened upon an old mailbox wedged into a corner of the Cheongsapo Daritol Observatory. However, this wasn’t your average mailbox. This one offered a unique service as indicated by an old sign translated into English: “Postcards to the Future”. The concept was charmingly simple. Write a postcard to yourself, a time capsule, if you will, and receive it six months later. It was an idea that piqued my curiosity.

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A Time Capsule Gift

Inspired by the concept, I found a local vendor selling vibrant postcards featuring illustrations of Busan’s iconic landmarks. I picked two. One that featured a beautiful sketch of Cheonsapo Daritol Observatory and another one of Huinnyeoul Culture Village (흰여울문화마을), a place that had already secured a special spot in my heart during my travels.

After I had dropped my postcard into the magical mailbox, I was filled with a sense of profound satisfaction, akin to completing a personal mission. The simple act of letting go of the postcard felt symbolic, like I was sending a part of myself into the future. It was as though I had managed to distill a sliver of my memories into something concrete, a keepsake to carry forward into the future. This small piece of paper, adorned with words from the past, would serve as a future touchstone, grounding me in the emotions and experiences of this remarkable day.

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Crafting a Memory on a Postcard

So what did I write? I sat there for a few minutes, reviewing the day I’d had. Exhausted but filled with joy, I reveled in the freedom that came with having no agenda to follow. I was living exactly as I wished. That was a blessing in itself, right? And so, I found myself writing a simple message, “Remember how you felt today! Happy. Free. Loved.”

With that postcard in hand, I found a bench overlooking the ocean and prepared to write. I could have filled the card with stories about my hike to the top of Jangsan Mountain, the breathtaking views of the city I savored from the Busan Tower, the serenity of Beomeosa– a beautiful temple hidden in the hills. But I didn’t.

The Arrival of the Past

Fast forward six months. After returning home and settling back into my daily routine, everything seemed as it always was– ordinary, predictable. I had forgotten about the postcard. Then, one day, amidst a pile of regular mail, a familiar envelope caught my eye. My postcard had made its journey back to me.

Holding the postcard, I felt a twinge of anticipation, like I was about to open a door to the past. As I began to read the words written in my own hand, the world around me seemed to blur. Suddenly, I was back in the vibrant city of Busan, standing amidst its skyscrapers, mountains, and oceans.

20221113_134202-01-338x450 A Postcard from the Past: A Time Capsule in Busan

A Tangible Memory and a Poignant Reminder

This was no ordinary postcard. It was a tangible memory, a snapshot of my past that had the power to whisk me back to the streets of Busan. Reading it, I could relive the fun, excitement, and joy of that particular day.

It wasn’t just about the places I had visited or the foods I ate. Every word on the postcard echoed with my past smiles, awed gasps, and exhausted sighs. Receiving the postcard six months later, I realized that it had fulfilled its purpose.

And with that, the tale of my postcard from the past was complete. An adventure-filled journey, a discovery of self, and a nostalgic trip back in time, forever etched in my memory through the words of a postcard from Busan. And all that, for less than the price of a coffee.

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