Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu’s Best Brunch

Mansion5 Brunch Cafe Downtown Daegu

Mansion 5 is a beautiful Hanok Cafe in the heart of downtown Daegu. Like other hanok cafes in the area, it serves desserts. But unlike the other hanok cafes I’ve visited, Mansion 5 also serves American-style brunch, beer, wine, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. All the above makes Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe one of Daegu’s Best Brunch options.

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20170328_153540-1024x576 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch

Brunch at the Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe 

Time flew when we sat in the pretty garden inside the gates of Mansion 5. It’s located in the heart of the city. And tucked away on a side street. It seems far from the noise of the automobile and foot traffic just a few steps away.

What’s a Hanok Cafe?

A hanok cafe is a traditional wooden building where meals, mostly desserts are served. A hanok is a traditional house built on a philosophy of Korean ancestors. They sought a life of harmony, piety, and simplicity. Hanoks are traditionally made of elements like earth, wood, rock, and other natural materials. And they are excellent examples of sustainable architecture that benefit man and the environment.

20170328_172133 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch

What’s on the Menu?

We ordered from the neatly written chalkboard menu inside and took a seat under one of the umbrellas inside the courtyard. When the pager went off telling us our food was ready. We weren’t surprised to arrive at the counter and see our dessert sitting on the counter. It’s my birthday so why not start with dessert. Why stop a trend, I started the day with leftover birthday cake and coffee from a party my English class threw for me yesterday. But I digress.

20170328_153640-1024x576 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch


A Nice Place to Brunch

We sat under the umbrella for an hour, listening to the quiet buzz around us. A few people wandered past the entrance, most gazing into the interior to see what was happening inside. The signs of spring were all around us. The grapefruit ade I sipped was refreshing. Perfect for the beautiful day that ushered in my 51st year on the planet.

Next time I’ll try the salmon and avocado salad and a glass of wine.

20170328_154217-1024x576 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch
20170328_154453-1024x576 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch
20170328_154406-1024x576 Mansion 5 Hanok Cafe: Daegu's Best Brunch

When we learned we were moving to Daegu, South Korea, I searched for information about military life, apartment hunting, and what to expect in South Korea but found very little. I hope my blog helps ease the transition anxiety of military spouses and civilians moving to Daegu, South Korea, or any of the beautiful Asian countries.

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