The Best Tea Houses and Hanok Cafes in Daegu South Korea

If you’re a tea enthusiast looking to savor some delightful moments in Daegu, you’re in for a treat. Daegu boasts a beautiful array of tea houses that offer a wide variety of delicious teas, delectable snacks, and a unique opportunity to partake in the time-honored Korean Tea Ceremony. Join me on a journey through some of my favorite tea houses in Daegu, where the fragrant brews, delectable treats, and cultural experiences blend to create memorable moments.


If you’re a tea enthusiast looking to savor some delightful moments in Daegu, you’re in for a treat. Daegu boasts a beautiful array of tea houses that offer a wide variety of delicious teas, delectable snacks, and a unique opportunity to partake in the time-honored Korean Tea Ceremony. Join me on a journey through some of the prettiest tea houses in Daegu, where the fragrant brews, delectable treats, and cultural experiences blend to create memorable moments. While you can drive to all the cafes on this list, you can also take the metro to all but one on this list.

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The Prettiest Tea Houses in Daegu

Yunnam Chajeong Cafe
Cafe Au Fond du Bois
Romance Papa
Minwoljae Cafe

Yunnam Chajeong Cafe

Many of you have been asking for a tremendous traditional teahouse, and guess what? I found one that I think you’re absolutely going to love. First, let’s talk about the name—it confused me at first. I was half-expecting to stumble upon a railroad-themed cafe named “Yunnam Chajeong.” But surprise, surprise, it’s not about trains at all! Instead, it’s a charming traditional tea cafe serving teas from Korea and China.

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Strawberry and Caramel Macaroons

When you step inside, you’ll know exactly why it’s one of the prettiest tea houses in Daegu. The first floor has a somewhat formal ambiance with large wooden tables adorned with teas, teapots, and various gift items. A private room is available if you fancy a meeting or a study session while sipping your tea. I treated myself to two delicious macaroons – strawberry and caramel – and left the tea selection to the owner. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the exact name of the tea she chose, but it was the first one on the menu for 9,000₩. Pricey? Hold on – it includes a fascinating tea-pouring demonstration and some insights into the tea itself. The owner did her best to explain it in terms I could understand, and I truly appreciated her effort.

Afterward, she carried a tray with the macaroons, tea service, and a delectable pressed sesame rice cookie called dasik 다식 up to the second-floor terrace. As I settled in, she lit a candle and placed the teapot on it before quietly leaving.

Tea Ceremonies in South Korea

Here’s where the magic happens – the second floor is a different world than the first. It exudes a feminine vibe from the space reserved for tea ceremonies. I mainly fell for the display of charming floral slippers. The terrace offers a delightful view overlooking the parking lot in front and the cityscape in the rear. The wooden tables have a natural, rustic charm, which make it one of the prettiest tea houses in Daegu. I found the beauty in the simplicity. And those curtains with dainty ruffle lace transported me right back to my grandma’s place, and probably yours, too!

One of my favorite touches was the wooden tables with hollowed-out sections filled with lush plants – they added such a lovely touch. Overall, this teahouse is an excellent choice for bringing in visitors or having a fabulous girl’s day out. Trust me, this café is worth checking out when you can!


Yunnam Chajeong 운남차정
115, Daemyeongnam-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

대구 대명남로 115 (대명동 937-3)

Cafe Au Fond du Bois

Steven and I recently enjoyed a delightful tea date, which cost us about $40. This is the only teahouse you need a car or at least a Kakaotaxi to visit. Each of us made a tea selection – he opted for handpicked green tea, while I chose white tea. Alongside our beverages, we savored two cookies brimming with vanilla and green tea cream, an absolute delight.

What rendered this tea experience truly unique was the teapot filled with dried tea leaves. It was so generous that we managed to pour three servings of tea from it. I decided to enhance the flavor of my third cup by adding some rose flowers.

Tea House Rules

The tea house had some intriguing rules, and they provided instructions on how to savor our tea correctly. One of these rules was to maintain a tranquil ambiance – no loud conversations were permitted. Anyone who became too talkative was gently reminded to lower their voices. We even had a good laugh about it each time it happened.

The tea house is next to the upscale au fond du Bois restaurant, which I’ve also enjoyed visiting. Both establishments are nestled in a picturesque wooded area, where the soothing sounds of a waterfall and a babbling stream complement the splendid autumn foliage.

In summary, our tea date was a sensory treat for our taste buds and a means of escaping into the beauty of nature. We sipped our tea, indulged in cookies, and basked in the tranquility of the woods – a day that will be fondly remembered for years to come.


Cafe Au Fond du Bois 오퐁드부아 티하우스
101, Juri 2-gil, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Romance Papa

A Visit to Romance Papa Hanok Cafe

I ventured to Romance Papa, a traditional hanok cafe nestled in the Seomun Market area, opting to arrive after 4 p.m., thinking it would be an ideal time. I was mistaken. Romance Papa, a trendy and traditional Daegu cafe, is perpetually abuzz with locals and foreigners seeking its soothing ambiance. From its noon opening until the lights dim at 10 p.m., the cafe is a constant hive of activity, with each corner seemingly designed for an Instagram-worthy snapshot.

Romance Papa’s Harmonious Decor

The cafe’s decor seamlessly marries tradition with comfort. With just seven tables, it exudes intimacy. A charming loft with two bean bag chairs overlooks a large window, framing the central courtyard. Here, you’ll find the ordering counter and a handful of pillow-top bench seats, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Romance Papa’s organic theme is evident in its wooden furniture, glass-top rattan tables, polished concrete floors, and mother-of-pearl inlaid surfaces. Nostalgic elements like small black-and-white TVs and LP stereos add character, while abundant potted plants and towering bamboo trees soften the space, making it a tranquil haven in the city’s heart.

Savoring Delights: Romance Papa’s Tempting Menu

The cafe’s menu, though not extensive and primarily in Korean, offers a delightful selection. Hand-drip coffees sourced from diverse regions, lattes, matcha, and a refreshing Vietnamese Coconut smoothie are among the beverages available. Dessert enthusiasts will find plenty to savor, ranging from jam scones, apple crumbles, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate brownies to Basque cheesecakes. Signature Papa cakes featuring chocolate and walnuts and the seasonal delicacy fig tiramisu are a must-try. My favorites were the peach smoothie, teeming with succulent chunks, and the surprisingly moist apple crumble. As I savored my treats at Romance Papa, I couldn’t help but long for a similar neighborhood cafe experience in the United States. In this place, I could relax without constantly interrupting servers and linger like the locals in Asia and Europe, genuinely savoring the moment.


[KakaoMap] Romance Papa
492-6, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

Minwoljae Cafe

Note to my future self: If it doesn’t feel right, you probably sit on the table instead of a chair. Then, I ordered a milk tea and settled onto a bench facing the long communal table. That’s when I had an unexpected encounter with Jin, the owner of Minwoljae #민월재 Cafe. He appeared more embarrassed for me than I was and kindly assisted me in correctly situated.

Our conversation extended briefly as Jin recalled his solo travels and generously insisted on treating me to a black sesame coffee. To sweeten the experience further, he brought me a delicious lotus cookie rice cake. I felt truly welcomed.

Jin’s journey included learning English in the Philippines while working in the demanding casino industry. He returned home to restore and renovate his grandmother’s early 19th-century home into the stunning cafe it is today. I wasn’t the only one enchanted by its beauty, as I witnessed a stream of patrons entering, gasping in awe as they turned the corner and gazed through the large picture window into the serene courtyard. The only thing missing was some floor pillows, although that might have made it impossible for me to leave.

The cafe boasts traditional offerings, including rice cakes, teas, and coffee. Don’t miss the house specialties: the indulgent black sesame coffee, rich milk tea, and the seasonal pomegranate ade sourced from a tree in the cafe’s courtyard.

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[KakaoMap] Romance papa
492-6, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

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