Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

Sometimes my best blogging ideas are born from necessity. Today it was where could I chill, enjoy something tasty and get fast, free Wi-Fi. Here are my favorite places for free Wi-Fi in Manhattan, KS and why I like them.

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Sometimes my best ideas come from looking for something I can’t find. Today it was where (besides Starbucks) could I chill and get free Wi-Fi. Relax, I’m not hating on Starbucks. I just wanted something different. But be careful, all Wi-Fi is not good Wi-Fi. So make sure you verify ownership and take precautions while browsing the Internet to safeguard your devices. With that being said, here are the best coffee shops with fast WiFi in Manhattan Kansas and why I like them.

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  1. The Best Coffee Shops in town
  2. Arrow Coffee ** now Brothers Coffee
  3. The Public House
  4. The Manhattan Public Library
  5. The Dusty Bookshelf at the Co-op
  6. Radina Bakehouse
  7. Manhattan Town Center
  8. Sparrow Coffee Shop
  9. Bluestem Bistro
  10. Paramour Coffee

20191105_170331-1024x576 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

Best Coffee Shops with Fast WiFi
Manhattan KS

Manhattan is a college town, so I wasn’t too surprised I could find some nice places to work from home. McDonald’s, Panera Bread, and Wal-Mart also offer free WiFi. I found the quirky Arrow Coffee when I moved here. I had my first (and only) meet and greet there. So if you PCS to or find yourself passing through Manhattan, Kansas, here are the best coffee shops with fast WiFi.

20191105_172038-1024x576 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

Arrow Coffee

1800 Claflin Rd, Manhattan, KS 66502

Arrow Coffee is always a great place to chill. Especially when you want to be near the 25 and younger crowd. It’s actually two places in one. One side has a great coffee shop and the other side is set up for cocktails and an evening out with friends. And both sides have access to fast Wifi.

update** Arrow Coffee closed in March die to Covid-19. It is under new management as Brothers Coffee. The owners of Sparrow were delighted and supportive of the transition of ownership to Dave and friends, knowing that  Dave will continue the mission of Sparrow. It is our hope that Brothers Coffee Co becomes a place of belonging for all, a welcoming hang out full of joy, hope, peace, and great food and coffee.

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The Public House

1205 Moro Street, Manhattan, KS 66502

I found this place because it was right next to the Yoga Studio. It’s the closest thing to a co-working space in Aggieville. The coffee is a little price, but Wi-Fi is free and fast. I say this because the last 4 people came in, sat down, and started working without ordering a drink. Too bad because I am really enjoying my Earl Gray Latte in my new “KEEP CALM & Sparkle on” mug I bought at Pier 1 yesterday. I like the music here– it’s pretty relaxing. I found a cushy seat in front of the big picture windows to plop before my 6 pm hot yoga class next door. If you want to make music then you can also use Mac here. They provide it with Logic Pro X.

B6E6AD4F-93FA-4487-AD5D-E4060558C807-1024x768 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

The Manhattan Public Library

629 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502

Although you’ll have to bring your own coffee, but the library is beautiful and has free and password secured Wi-Fi, access to audiobooks, and DVDs. There is a large kids’ reading area which I don’t recommend if you don’t have kids of your own. It has three floors and lots of nooks and crannies to get your read on. And like the name implies it’s all free. It normally closes at 6 pm on Sunday, but I lucked out because I forgot to change my clock last night. Getting a library card holds the same thrill it had when I was 10. And there is no limit on how many books you can rent.

20191105_170432-e1572998290578-576x1024 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

The Dusty Bookshelf at the Co-op

700 N Manhattan Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502

I had meaning to stop in here for a while. It suffered a devastating fire back and just re-opened in April. It was formerly owned by KSU until they decide to close it. Luckily a group of students banded together to buy the business and reopen it as the Co-op Bookstore. Like the Public Hall, it has a fresh urban feel with exposed brick and heating ducts. The co-op has free password encrypted Wi-Fi, live music every Friday, and tons of author visits.

Radina’s Bakehouse

227 Blue Earth Pl, Manhattan, KS 66502

There are a couple of Radina’s Coffees in the Manhattan area. But I prefer the bakehouse in Blue Earth. All of the baked goods at Radina’s Bakehouse are artisanal which means everything is made from scratch with quality ingredients, wine, and beer.

Manhattan Town Center
100 Manhattan Town Ctr, Manhattan, KS 66502

If you have a valid email address you can access the free Wi-Fi service in the common areas of the mall. This is great for all you mall walkers or mall husbands (looking for a place to sit). The movie theater and some stores also offer free access to the Internet. Remember the Wifi here is not secured, so be cautious.

20191105_170037-1024x576 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

Sparrow Coffee Shop

1437 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502

This is a cute little coffee house with free Wi-Fi. Sparrow has a number of seating options, a comfy couch, and chairs. The space is very relaxing– a good place to hang out, work on my blog, or just browse the Internet. There are lots of students because it’s across the street for the campus. Kansas locals will appreciate that they roast Thou Mayest Coffee from Kansas City.

C645DDC1-0BEB-4CDF-95C1-D79139DD8A34-1024x768 Best Coffee Shops with Fast Wifi in Manhattan KS

Bluestem Bistro

1219 Moro St, Manhattan, KS 66502

Bluestem Bistro is located in Aggieville. It shows up on every search for the best restaurants in Manhattan. I went for the Cuban Latte which was delicious. It’s a cute little coffee shop with friendly staff, a bar with wine, beer and spirits, and great WI-FI. So check it out next time you’re looking for a coffee and fast Wi-Fi in the Aggieville.

Did I miss your favorite Manhattan, Kansas coffeehouse? Put it in the comments below.

Paramour Coffee

Paramour Coffee occupies space next to the Bank of the Flint Hills in the Clocktower Place. The family-owned coffee house is delicious and currently my favorite specialty coffee shops with another location in Wamego. Ask to see their secret menu while enjoy a yummy snack on the outdoor patio.

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