The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Indian food at Taj Mahal

Making the rounds to all the Indian Restaurants in Daegu has finally led us to the Taj Mahal in Suseong-gu. I’ve never been to India. So, I can’t say I know exactly what authentic Indian tastes like. But the Taj Mahal has the next best thing– an Indian chef in the kitchen.

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20170326_171124 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

The Taj Mahal Restaurant has been serving authentic Indian dishes for almost 3 years this June. Youngwon Kim, says he opened the restaurant because he loves Indian food. And he’s not the only one.

20170326_170803 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Authentic Indian Food

Our restaurant is unique, Kim says. Only 10% of Indian restaurants in South Korea have an Indian chef, he continues. We are very different from many of the other Indian restaurants. Not only does all his literature state The Taj Mahal is an Authentic Indian Restaurant. It also meets halal regulations.

Halal means allowed or permissible. It refers to how the meat is handled under Islamic law when slaughtered. And involves how the animal is killed who performs. It is a specific prayer that is delivered at the time of death.

The menu offers three different sets menus. We chose Taj Set B, which was 24,900 Won per person and included:

Soup of the Day

Today’s choices were dal soup (lentil) and vegetable soup (right). They were both very creamy, but I recommend the vegetable, it had much more flavor.

20170326_172228-1024x576 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

A Mixed Salad

Steven asked to substitute his mixed salad with a chicken tikka salad. He figured and we asked and got confirmation that we would be charged the extra 1,000 Won. We received one mixed salad and the chicken tikka. But when we received our bill, we were charged another 8,000 for the latter salad. So we should have received three salads instead of two.

20170326_171601 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Tandoori Chicken (above)

The tandoori chicken was the absolute star of the show. It might have been the best tandoori chicken I’ve ever had. The tandoori was that good. It was juicy and the seasoning went all the way to the bone. Unfortunately, I had orange fingers for the rest of the day. That chicken is the main reason I’ll return to the Taj Mahal.

Mr. Kim says it’s slow-cooked in a clay pot for 50 minutes every morning. And then an additional 10 minutes when it’s ordered.

20170326_171410 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu


The samosa was yummy. Very flaky crust and is flavorful inside.

20170326_171228 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Choice of Curry

We chose the ghost palak (lamb) and chicken tikka masala. Mr. Lee cautioned us that the ghost palak cooked Indian style was spicy, I assume because he uses ghost peppers. He also said he would cook us something different if it were, I assume, no charge. It wasn’t as spicy as we expected, and we enjoyed both.

Choice of Naan Bread

I like butter naan. Steven prefers plain naan, and we also ordered a serving of Masala naan because he thought it sounded good. It was filled with spices and onions and was yummy and something we hadn’t tried before.

A glass of Indian Wine or Lassi

We were served a glass of Shiraz neither one of us liked. Mr. Lee said he’s serving us something different next time.

20170326_170930-1024x576 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

Son Patri

An Indian ice cream dessert topped with a shaved cardamom and almond topping that we enjoyed very much. The taste reminded us of a sugar cone.

TAJ-MAHAL-RESTAURANT-IN-DAEGU-519x778 The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Daegu

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