Spring Fun in Italy: A Birthday to Remember

Italy fun in the spring featured image Amalfi Coast

Discovering Warmth and Wonder from Florence to Naples

Today is my birthday and I am spending it and the month of March in Italy. Spring in Italy has been full of surprises. Despite my initial concerns about the cold potentially spoiling the enjoyment of Italy’s famous natural beauty, my worries were unfounded. The weather is unexpectedly warm, a pleasant surprise that probably points to global warming. The heavy coat I brought, expecting to shield against the chill, has become my personal sauna. This discovery makes March an unexpectedly perfect time to explore Italy. From the historic streets of Rome to the stunning vistas of the Amalfi Coast, the artistic allure of Florence, the charming coastal ambiance of Formia, this month unveils the best of Italy in a warm embrace. Here’s why springtime, especially March, is the prime season for soaking in these iconic destinations’ diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences.

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Lazy Lunch at Smeraldo Beach Club

This past month has been busy. So today, I’m just chilling at a cute little beach club in Formia, right by the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is another activity, I didn’t think I’d get to enjoy so early in the season. I am happy to be wrong.

Ashley and Kamren live here in Formia, which is this quiet town on Italy’s western coast, between Rome and Naples. It’s got amazing views of the sea. Kamren and I are hanging out, waiting for our mocktails and a Margherita pizza to come. It’s pretty windy today, and the waves are really hitting the breakwater hard. It’s too windy to enjoy the courtyard today, but there have been days we could have. A lot of people around us are sipping on espressos, and Aperol spritzes, but that Aperol? Not really my thing.

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Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?

Ashley is on 24-hour duty, so she won’t be able to return until tomorrow afternoon. That leaves just me and my grandson to celebrate my birthday. Even though Kamren’s not a fan of pizza, especially the Italian kind, he ended up eating half of it as a playful protest. I’ll make it up to him by taking him to shop for new headphones at the mall on my birthday. Lucky me.

So, How Can You Enjoy Spring in Italy?

This month, I honed in on my passions and sought out breathtaking spots that, while gorgeous, can be too crowded to fully enjoy during peak times. My days were filled with the joy of being outside, soaking in the sunshine, and indulging in delicious meals and fine drinks. While I didn’t go overboard with selfies, my camera was always by my side, capturing countless moments and scenes. From the serene landscapes that took my breath away to the intimate dinners under starlit skies, every picture tells a story of discovery, delight, and a deep appreciation for the simpler pleasures in life. This journey wasn’t just about seeing new places; it was about embracing each experience, whether it was a quiet morning watching the sunrise or an evening spent savoring the local cuisine.

Scenic Agriturismo Visit Outside San Gimignano, Tuscany

One of my favorite accomodations was a family farm in the Cinque Terra. So my trip to this beautiful farm stay, or agriturismo, Il Vecchio Maneggio, right in the heart of Tuscany’s countryside outside of San Gimignano, was something I’ll always remember. Picture this: old olive trees that have been around for ages, and rows of grapevines stretching as far as the eye can see. It was like stepping into a postcard. There, I got to try out three different local wines and some of the freshest olive oil, all while enjoying a delicious three-course meal. Every taste was a journey through Tuscany’s farming roots, showing me just how special and deep the food culture goes here. It wasn’t just about eating good food; it was about getting a real taste of what life’s like in the Italian countryside, traditions and all.

Mild Weather Advantage

This warm weather has been a total game-changer for my sightseeing adventures. Just picture me wandering through the lush gardens along the Amalfi Coast, free from the weight of a heavy coat. This ease added so much joy to exploring famous sights. I finally got to visit two incredible spots in Ravello – Villa Rufalo and Villa Cimbrone, places I’ve been dying to see for ages. The weather played its part perfectly – it was cool, yet the sun was shining, making it effortless to navigate the myriad steps of this charming hilltop village.

Adding to the adventure, one day I managed to get wonderfully lost. My intention was to find a shortcut between the two villas, but I ended up on a winding path that seemed to take me further from my destination with every step. I checked my Fitbit later and was astonished to see I’d racked up almost 40,000 steps! While I wandered, I stumbled upon a family enjoying a picnic. They were so sweet they offered me an orange. If I hadn’t veered off the beaten path, I wouldn’t have had this unexpected detour or the sore calves I had the following morning.

Crowds are Fewer

Spring in March has been a revelation, hitting that sweet spot before the summer rush floods Italy’s famous spots with tourists. I’ve breezed through landmarks and museums that usually have lines winding out the door, making each visit feel more personal and special. The small group tours I’ve joined have been nothing short of amazing, uncovering secrets of the city and leading me to places I’d never find on my own. And with fewer people around, I’ve had the luxury of taking in the breathtaking gardens and sea views in total peace. It’s like having a private viewing of Italy’s natural beauty.

I remember one afternoon in particular, sitting in the quiet of Villa Cimbrone’s gardens when a local cat decided to keep me company as if sensing my solitude. It sauntered over and settled beside me, purring contentedly as we both enjoyed the serene view. And even though I am not a cat person, it was one of those perfect, unplanned moments that makes traveling so rewarding.

Natural Beauty in Bloom on the Train

Riding a train through Italy in spring is like stepping into a world filled with amazing colors. Everywhere I look, there are breathtaking views that make me want to take photos of everything. The houses are a big part of the beauty, with their pink, coral, yellow, and orange colors. Some look brand new with bright paint, while others have a more faded, elegant look. Then there are the gray brick houses with wooden shutters that just look timeless.

As the train moves through the countryside, I see a mix of nature and history that’s just stunning. There are hills and old ruins everywhere, making the whole country feel like a huge playground for anyone who loves to take pictures. There’s life bursting out all over the place—from the dark soil of the vineyards and the busy greenhouses to the ancient olive trees that seem like they’ve been there forever. Every view has its own story, whether it’s the simple beauty of dirt roads and Roman ruins, the peaceful green pastures, or the farms that are so neatly arranged. Then there are these mysterious villas on top of hills, hidden by trees, that just add to the magic.

The train ride itself is part of the fun.

The sound of the train and the excitement of speeding past another train add so much to the experience. Every stop, from Latina to Sezze Romano, and finally to Formia-Gaeta, builds up the excitement. The names of these places sound so exotic, and they promise new things to see and experience.

This trip is a celebration of everything that makes Italy amazing in spring—the history, the fresh burst of life, and the incredible views. Every time I look out of the train window, I see something that I want to remember forever. Spring in Italy is just a feast for the eyes and an experience I’ll never forget. It’s all about discovering the joy of seeing new things.

Ideal Conditions for Outdoor Activities

The fantastic weather we’ve had lately has really made it perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying all kinds of activities. I’ve found myself wandering through the historic heart of Rome, where every corner tells a story that stretches back centuries, and hiking the lush, rolling hills of Tuscany, which are as exhilarating as they are beautiful. Every chance to be outside has brought me joy. Walking along pristine beaches has been an especially unforgettable experience. Each step on the soft sand instills a sense of peace and a profound connection to nature.

The coastlines, from the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast to the quaint charm of Formia, have offered serene and picturesque havens. They’re perfect spots to enjoy a gelato or simply sit back and watch the world go by. Being this close to the beach for the past few weeks—merely a short stroll away—has been like living out a dream. The soothing lull of the waves, the cool sea breeze, and the sun’s gentle warmth have made every day feel like a slice of paradise, there for me whenever I wish to indulge.

Even though I call Rock Island home, it simply can’t compare to the Mediterranean’s allure. Italy’s coast’s unique beauty and vibrant atmosphere have given me moments of bliss that stand apart from any seaside experience I’ve had before.

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