Finding Romance in Sicily

Finding Romance in Sicily

Romance is always a huge part of an island escape in the Mediterranean. But when you combine it with the rich history, captivating landscape, and amazing cuisine of Italy. There are some beautiful romantic settings in Sicily. Long sandy beaches, breath-taking cities cling to rocky cliffs, and where delicious food and wine poured can be enjoyed under the watchful eye of an active volcano. The island is the perfect backdrop for finding romance in Sicily.

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  1. Must See Sicily
  2. Taormina
  3. The Circumetnea
  4. Wine Tasting
  5. Traversing Mount Etna
  6. Stay at an Agriturismo
  7. Aolian & Aegadian Islands
driving-to-taormina-1024x576 Finding Romance in Sicily

Finding Romance in Sicily
Must See Sicily

There is so much to see on and around this small island where the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Romance abounds. Whether it’s in the great food and wine, the dreamy historical landmarks, or breathtaking hikes and panoramic ocean views.

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City on the Hill

You can’t come to Sicily for romance and not visit Taormina. However, the drive up and the subsequent parking is not for the faint of heart. Taormina cascades down the precarious cliffs like a waterfall.

Taormina gets pretty busy with tourists. The community garden in Taormina, Sicily is a public park where locals and visitors can find a little shade, take a break from the crowds with loved ones and enjoy the ocean breezes and blue-green water below.

There are many interesting structures, statues, trees, fountains with benches to sit and take it all in. Unfortunately, parking in that area is also limited so consider adding it to your evening stroll.


Romance on Mount Etna
The Circumetnea

There is something romantic in the sounds and motion of a train ride. So imagine taking a train to the summit of Mount Etna. The Circumetnea is a local train that connects villages and towns at the foot of Mount Etna. The train runs every day from Catania (station Borgo) to Giarre-Risposto, except on Sundays and public holidays.

Randazzo is an interesting stop along the trail and the town is worth a visit. This medieval city is closest to the top of Mount Etna and is completely built of lava stone. A trip from Catania to Randazzo takes 2 hours and costs € 8.20 per person (return). It’s good to check the Circumetnea timetable in advance.

Go Wine Tasting
Drink of the Gods

For such an old wine region, Italy’s Mount Etna is young by modern standards. Bottled wines have only been produced here for a few short decades, yet the rapidly growing interest in the native varieties grown on the slopes of Europe’s largest and most active volcano is taking the wine world by storm. But make no mistake about it. Mount Etna wine is not Italian wine.

First and foremost is the fact that Etna’s soil is rich with volcanic nutrients that are very hospitable to growing grapes. The region is the highest commercial vineyards in the world. The high elevation is also an inviting environment for growing grapes. And grapevines benefit from the hot Mediterranean sun. While the warm Mediterranean breezes extend the growing season.

Mount Etna
Walk above the Clouds

You can’t see Sicily without a visit to Mt Etna. The lava and smoke make quite the first impression flying into Sicily. Hence, it’s just a little unsettling to be living at the base of the largest active volcano in Europe. As a result, Mount Etna has devastated Catania more than once over the city’s centuries-old existence. Therefore most of Catania’s architecture is Baroque. In addition, many parts of the island still have Greek and Roman architectural remnants. The last eruption was way back in March. So it’s a real consideration.

Stay at an Agriturismo
Enjoy the Farm Life

Skip the chain hotels and enjoy an inspirational stay at a working farm called an Agriturismo. An agriturismo is an Italian farm, hotel, and restaurant. The latter is generally better than any other restaurant because everything they serve is grown or slaughtered there.

The Agriturismo I stayed at was more than a thousand feet above sea level. The property, surrounded by vineyards, was lush and romantic. The farm produced its own wine, oil, honey, and cheese. The food was so freaking good. Simple but delicious. Make sure to make a reservation when you want to dine at the hotel.  Food is seasonal. And as a result, there are normally menuless. However, don’t hesitate to eat whatever they serve you. And don’t forget your Kindle.

Finding-Romance-in-Sicily-Stromboli-Volcano Finding Romance in Sicily

Aolian/ Aegadian Islands
Island Hopping

Charter a yacht for a week and sail the tiny islands off the coast of Portorosa or Trapani to the north or west, respectively. You can eat delicious seafood pasta on ancient fishing villages like Lipari. Or enjoy a long hike up the active volcano on Stromboli to watch the lava spurt against the night sky. Or just lounge with your honey on the deck of the yacht as you cruise past the crumbling ruins built into the cliffs with a cool drink in your hand is the ultimate example of Romance in Sicily.

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