Running Together: Lessons from the Paris Marathon with My Husband

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Military separations aren’t just about miles, but lost time and shared memories. Running the Paris Marathon was a chance to catch up on both. These times apart are challenging. They mean missing holidays, precious moments, and chances to grow together. To reconnect, we find shared goals. Running the Paris Marathon together was our way to catch up and grow closer. But it actually accomplished much, much more.

Finding Romance in Sicily

Finding Romance in Sicily

Romance is always a huge part of an island escape in the Mediterranean. Combine it with the rich history, captivating landscape and amazing cuisine of Italy. Long sandy beaches, breath-taking cities cling to rocky cliffs, and where delicious food and wine poured can be enjoyed under the watchful eye of an active volcano. The island is the perfect backdrop for finding romance in Sicily.

How to Fall in Love with Istanbul


It’s so easy to fall in love with Istanbul. The city is so beautiful– so romantic, it resembles the set of an epic love story. Romance in Istanbul is around every corner. You can smell it, hear, feel it with each step. And every street brings you face to face with a sultan’s palace or a French […]

8 Romantic Places to Inspire a Kiss in Rochester, New York

8 Romantic Places to Inspire a Kiss in Rochester, New York

Rochester is a city founded on a booming industry like Kodak. It has morphed into a place that is teeming with arts and culture of all kinds. It’s warm now, yet, everyone who has roughed it through the long winters, knows it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Snuggling is a necessity, less of […]

Marriage Advice from Mom about Military Life

Leslie, Mom, and me 50th Wedding Anniversary

She said, marriage is not easy and that many people aren’t willing to put in the effort it takes to make it work, and that EVENTUALLY, it wouldn’t just be about me and him. It would be about OUR kids, OUR finances, OUR jobs, OUR extended families, OUR expectations and OUR future. And that we needed to make sure that the “OURS” aligned. She said I needed to be sure that this guy was THE GUY.

Tips for Traveling Together

Traveling together- Hyang Gallery & Cafe

It’s important that you both feel you have a part in the success of the trip, it’s even more important to work within each other’s strengths and comfort levels. I usually ask for input on where to go and take it from there, but your partner may enjoy wading through pages and pages of information, virtual tours or guest reviews.

Date Night at Vino Suave Wine Bar

Date Night at Vino Suave Wine Bar

In a country where soju reigns supreme, the addition of a wine bar is a welcome sight to this “wino”. So tonight it’s date night at Vino Suave Wine Bar. That wine and chocolate were worth getting dressed after I had settled in for the evening.