The Blogger’s Compromise– How to Keep a Happy Home Happy

He was right, I wasn’t giving him my full attention and that’s not putting him first. Once it was brought to my attention, I decided to make some changes to keep the peace and not allow the blog to come between us.

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Blogging takes a lot of time researching, writing, editing, re-editing. Then there’s promoting my work on my blog, social media, and seeking out potential paid sponsors. That’s the time I could be spending with my better half. Not only do bloggers’ need to be careful about their share, but we also have to set priorities and maintain a balanced life. We’ve gotta find a balance between what we love to do and the people who love us while we do it? How to Keep a Happy Home Happy is 7 steps to the art of compromise and balancing home life.

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THE-BLOGGER’S-COMPROMISE-How-to-Keep-a-Happy-Home-Happy2 The Blogger’s Compromise-- How to Keep a Happy Home Happy

The Art of Compromise

You aren’t watching this with me, he said.

I was– and I wasn’t. I really wanted to finish editing a post for publication the next day.

We shared a moment of silence, then he picked up his phone and the silence was replaced with rapid click fire of his own.

He was right, I wasn’t giving him my full attention and that’s not putting him first. Once it was brought to my attention, I decided to make some changes to keep the peace and not allow the blog to come between us. Priorities need to be set for balance to be maintained.

IMG_20170301_133220 The Blogger’s Compromise-- How to Keep a Happy Home Happy
Steven and I at a wine tasting in Virginia. Traveling together can create some of the sweetest and most intimate moments

How to Keep a Happy Home

It hasn’t been easy, but our couple-time is way more important than a quicker response time or some edits I can put off until later. I know what my priorities are and it’s important to find yours too.

1. Find Balance

I do the lions share of writing when he’s at work and stay in the moment when we are watching TV or doing something together.

And when we do, I leave my phone and laptop on the table far from reach– even during commercials.

2. Set Priorities

It sucks, but I’ve limited the engagement I do with other bloggers. I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep up. This also means comments/ questions may go unanswered until the next day.

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3. Establish Boundaries

Set boundaries. Some things are just between him and me. I don’t write about everything we do or take pictures everywhere we go. AND unless he wants me too, I don’t take pictures of his food… for some reason, he really hated that. Establish boundaries and keep them.

4. Work With my Fellow Bloggers

I am incorporating more guest bloggers, utilizing schedulers. writing shorter or less involved content and re-use older stuff I update with a few changes and/or new pictures. I am finding the variety also keeps me thinking and my readers more engaged.

5. How to Keep a Happy Home Happy

Working with other bloggers is a great way to practice the art of compromise. I am getting more FB content from each blog post. If you have an imagination, there are infinite ways to spin a blog post– Facebook posts, reviews, top 10, surveys and polls, questions, etc.

6. Record Spontaneous Ideas

A lot of the time, I’d end up on my blog because I got a good idea and I wanted to create the article. I would start writing no matter what time it was. Now if I get a good idea, I jot it down or discretely ask Siri to remind me during regular business hours.

7. Turn off Alerts

Balance means you need to take a break. It seems simple right? It helps to NOT hear the ping of traffic or buzz of an incoming email– shut it off. You aren’t so quick to check it out and OHHH the fun of seeing all that engagement the next day.

I also don’t charge my phone in the bedroom, look at it before coffee or meditation or use it to check the time. Buy a watch.

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THE-BLOGGER’S-COMPROMISE–-How-to-Keep-a-Happy-Home-Happy-814x1024 The Blogger’s Compromise-- How to Keep a Happy Home Happy

47 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Compromise– How to Keep a Happy Home Happy

    1. I have a problem setting boundaries once I’m all in. I tend to go for broke and have to wheel myself back in. lol

  1. My husband and I struggle with this as well. I’m a blogoholic lol. I’ve been better about putting my work down for a bit to spend quality time with him though, but it is difficult some days. I love what I do!

  2. Thank you for offering these tips. It’s not easy when you’re trying to manage your own business and run a blog. I’ve been debating on adding guest bloggers to my blog.

  3. These are such good tips! I’ve been having a hard time finding balance between work, blogging, and family, but I think setting boundaries and sticking to them is key.

  4. I don’t have a partner but I can imagine that it must be so difficult to prioritize time between a partner and the blog. It is great that you have worked out a compromise!

  5. These are great tips to keeping a happier home when you are blogger. It is so important to have family time or couples time. Prioritizing is so important between work and home. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  6. I know it is so important to balance work and home, but being a SAH blogger can be hard to separate the two. These are great tips!

    1. So true, thank you for checking us out. If you get a chance, can you tell me what tip is your favorite?

  7. My friend and I were just discussing about this when I saw this. To be honest, I am so guilty. But i’m trying to work on that and these tips you shared will be helpful. Thank you☺

    1. Its difficult, I just have to cut it off BEFORE he steps through the door and try not to look at it at all.

  8. I tell people all the time when you are a full time blogger there is a thin line between the blogger life and personal life. Social media makes that hard because everyone is on social media and its my job so I make it a point when I am not doing a “blogger thing” to detach sometimes and be in the moment.

  9. Oh my…this is one of the things that I love about blogging- I can totally relate to other bloggers out there. Sometimes, Im having anxieties here, too, of me not spending my time with my husband. We both have work, but we got different work schedule. And blogging is just my hobby at this point. And yes, it sucks when the best time to work on your blog is when your better-half is sleeping.

    1. Thanks, I love connecting and relating to other bloggers too. I like when its quiet, the problem is that’s when I like to clean too.

  10. These are great tips that seem like it definitely would keep a home happy. I want to implement a no cellphone policy in my bedroom, I just have to get my fiance on board with it. Lol!

    1. Its a compromise that turned out to be a good thing for the both of us. I used to wake up and check it because it was sitting right beside me or check it first thing in the morning. I don’t so that anymore and I think I have less headaches and eye strain because of it.

  11. These are great time saving tips for any life situation. Being able to balance your blog and your life is a skill every blogger should learn. Great tips.

    1. So true, you are right. We can’t do everything but we can choose things that serve multiple purposes.

  12. me and my partner always make sure when we are at home together we limit ourselves for 2 hours with social media and the rest of the evening is for the 2 of us to spend quality time…. doing this the last 8 years and still happy with it!

  13. Each time I’m with Amore, I try not to do my blog work, and just focus on us. Unless he is working then, I can also work mine 🙂

  14. These are all great tips. I like to set an alarm to remind me when it is time to shut off all my devices and spend quality time with my family.

  15. I definitely feel the pain!! It is a very fine balance, especially when you’re passionate about the blog which is never ending work (let’s face it, there’s always “just one last thing”, until the next lol). Balance is key, though very hard to reach.

  16. I am bad about this. I spend a lot of time working on my blog in some way or another. If it’s not a post, it’s promoting that content. And when I’m not working I feel like I should be, at least making a presence on social media for my blog. I set hours this past spring, and I need to do that again.

  17. I love these tips. I recently had to revisit my own boundaries about my blog. That was a great reminder to be intentional about your relationships and your writing.

    1. True, that’s great you haven’t faced any conflicts over your time. I wonder if men and women see this issue differently?

  18. This post is such a great reminder of what’s really important. I think that setting certain times to work and turning off notifications would be the biggest help to me.

    1. As a fellow blogger Rachel put it… “was a great reminder to be intentional about your relationships and your writing”. Like the word intensional so much.

  19. I def feel you on this. Sometimes more time is needed for blog things and I feel guilty for it, even though I make sure it late night or when no one “needs” me. Balance is the key, which I am still trying to find!

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