Neighborhood Cafe: Dessert 39 on Suseong Lake in Daegu

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Discovering Delight at Dessert 39 Cafe: A Not-so-Hidden Gem on Daegu’s Cafe Scene

After more than five years in Daegu, I finally ventured into Dessert 39 Cafe. The moment I walked in, it genuinely shocked me, realizing it took me this long to discover such a pretty dessert cafe. There are some beautiful cafes in Daegu. It turns out this is yet another one. The cafe has charming aesthetics, boasting a captivating interior and treating visitors to an extraordinary panoramic view of Suseong Lake, making every visit a memorable experience.

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Suseong Lake Views

Dessert 39, known for its tasty treats at reasonable prices, usually draws a busy crowd, making it a popular chain cafe in South Korea. I’m not usually into chain cafes because I prefer places with pretty decor, unique drinks, and a special atmosphere. But today, I was walking around my neighborhood. I was drawn to the cafe by the menu board. I love green grape ads. Dessert 39 Cafe was advertising a delicious green grape smoothie, so I decided to check it out.

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Cafe Aesthetics

I was surprised to find myself the only person in the cafe, but it was an unexpected surprise. Even though it was warm outside, the cafe had a cool and cozy atmosphere. The relaxing music added to the vibe, and if I hadn’t planned to keep walking, I would have stayed longer. Dessert 39 Cafe has two seating areas – downstairs, where you can watch people go by, and upstairs, which offers a fantastic view of the lake and the bustling street. I particularly liked the vibrant pops of color in the upstairs seating, creating a slightly different and enjoyable vibe.

While the young lady prepared my drink, I quickly looked around. The cafe has a cottagey feel with white-washed walls, tiled floors, and wood plank ceilings. The pretty decor, including stencils, heavy seating, pretty accent lighting, and spacious seating, surprised me. Everything combines to create a warm and rustic aesthetic uncommon in chain establishments. I have undoubtedly visited some chain cafes with aesthetic details like chandeliers, padded or upholstered, heavy-duty seating, artwork, shelving with knick-knacks, pleasing music, great desserts and specialty/signature drinks, and a view. I love a cafe with a view. Well, Dessert 39 Cafe has all the above and more.

I took my drink to go, pleasantly surprised that it came in a reusable plastic cup I had used for a few weeks after my visit. But not before taking a view picture. It’s an Instagrammable cafe, for sure. So follow my lead and check out Dessert 39 Cafe and all the other Suseong Lake cafes. It’s essential to support all the businesses in your neighborhood. You won’t be disappointed; you might find a hidden gem in plain sight. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either.

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Dessert-39-Cafe-Suseong-Daegu_20240108_142826_0000-519x692 Neighborhood Cafe: Dessert 39 on Suseong Lake in Daegu

[KakaoMap] Dessert 39 Cafe
18, Suseongmot-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu

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