QC Coffee & Pancake House Ultimate Rock Island Breakfast

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Experience the Charm of QC Coffee & Pancake House

As the snow fades, and determined to brave the chilly morning weather, we decided to explore QC Coffee & Pancake House—a cherished spot in Rock Island. Renowned for its hearty diner-style breakfast and lunch, it promises an inviting aroma of coffee and classic comfort food fare. Furthermore, the warm ambiance adds to the overall dining experience. From pancake stacks and burgers to omelets and skillets, the diverse menu caters to varied tastes, embracing the comforting essence of classic diner food. Warm smiles from attentive staff amplify the charm, making QC Coffee & Pancake House a must-visit, capturing the heart of the community’s love for satisfying coffee and home-style cooking.

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QC Coffee & Pancake House Menu

Under the expert guidance of our award-winning chef, the menu boasts a diverse array of delights, from classic staples to innovative specials and soups. Additionally, they ensure guests enjoy a fresh and delightful culinary experience by making everything to order.

For those mindful of their health, we proudly offer low-calorie options and delectable vegetarian dishes. Please note that, in our commitment to culinary integrity, we do not accommodate substitutions, allowing guests to relish dishes as intended by our skilled culinary team.

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Made to Order

Given the made-to-order nature of our offerings, waiting times may vary at the QC Coffee & Pancake House. While a small waiting area is available just outside the diner, we understand the seasonal challenges and encourage guests to wait comfortably in their cars during colder months. Our recent visit revealed a surprising efficiency – a promised 20-30 minute wait turned into prompt seating within 10 minutes. The staff, known for their friendliness, contributed to a positive dining experience.

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What We Ordered

Steven opted for the Philly Steak Omelette, which came with a side of hash browns and the hidden gem not on the menu – the cinnamon roll pancakes. On the other hand, I indulged in the Quad City Reuben, a flavorful sandwich boasting thick slices of corned beef accompanied by pickles and chips.

The portions are large, and as a result, we couldn’t finish the hash browns or pancakes. However, our bill for the delicious meal was less than $30, which we thought was fair given the outstanding quality and large portions of the food.

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We’ll Be Back

As a result, we can’t wait to return and explore more of the menu. In addition, the diner’s warm atmosphere features various booths and a few tables. Meanwhile, the backdrop of cooking shows on multiple TVs enhances the cozy spot for an early breakfast or brunch. Be sure to put QC Coffee & Pancake House in downtown Davenport on your brunch list for a hearty meal. And, if you’re up for a treat, remember to ask for the yummy cinnamon roll pancakes.

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The pancake house is located at 1831 3rd Ave in Rock Island. The diner is conveniently located across from Circa 21 and next to ComedySportz. Since July 2013, Jose & Sarah Zepeda have owned and operated it, Therefore ensuring a personal touch to QC Coffee & Pancake House. The diner operates daily from 6 am to 3 pm. Its particularly bustling from 9:30 to noon. The QC Coffee & Pancake House caters to a range of schedules, but its really busy on the weekends. It is praised as the go-to spot for breakfast in Davenport. Nonetheless, this unassuming yet bustling diner is renowned for its exceptional pancakes and burgers.

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I just had a fantastic meal at QC Coffee & Pancake House in Rock Island, where the coffee aroma and comfort food warmly greets you. Their menu has everything from pancakes to omelets, all served with a smile. Are you curious about their dishes or have something to share? Drop a comment below. Let’s chat about this local gem that perfectly blends delicious coffee and home-style cooking. I can’t wait to return and explore more of their menu!

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