Beyond Borders: Stacey Peters on the Age Has No Limit Podcast

Age Has No Limit Podcast

Exploring Life Through Travel

I’m Stacey Peters, and this is my interview with the Age Has No Limit Podcast. My life is pretty much an open book about travel, family, and squeezing the most out of every moment. I’ve lived in places most people only dream of. I’ve visited more than 70 countries. My adventures and those little off-the-beaten-path gems I’ve discovered along the way are what I share on my blog, Duffel Bag Spouse Travels.

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Not too long ago, I sat down with Patrice Davis on the Age Has No Limits Podcast. We discussed everything from the thrill of travel to the unique challenges and rewards of military life and making marriage work when you’re often continents apart. We also talked about what it means to live without limits, which I’m passionate about.

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Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Explore travel insights with Stacey Peters on Duffel Bag Spouse and her Age Has No Limit Podcast appearance—Unpack adventure and life stories.

Unforgettable Moments & Insights

Living in South Korea, running marathons in Paris, or having brunch in unexpected places like Paris again aren’t just bullet points on my travel itinerary. They’re chapters of my life. One of my favorite stories? The time I convinced my son we were going out for brunch only to end up in Paris. It’s these spontaneous decisions that add color to our lives.

Rome is one of my favorite destinations; read about my latest trip here.

On the Age Has No Limit Podcast, I opened up about those breathtaking moments best experienced in the moment, not through a camera lens. It’s about choosing to immerse fully, capturing memories in your heart instead of on film. Imagine watching Angkor Wat’s sunrise, camera aside, or deeply connecting with Korean monks beyond words. It’s about moments that truly resonate. These experiences, for me, are the essence of travel.

Living the Age Has No Limit Podcast Life

But our chat was about more than just where I’ve been. It’s also about how I view life, especially as I get older. I believe in chasing what makes you happy, keeping healthy, and surrounding yourself with good vibes. And yes, we even touched on what makes a good marriage – hint: it’s not about losing yourself but about navigating life’s journey together.

I’m also on the brink of launching a line of travel accessories because why not share my love for travel in another tangible way? Plus, I’m dabbling to create a collection of stock images showcasing people of color traveling. It’s something sorely missing in today’s media landscape.

Curious about a life without limits? Dive into my chat with Patrice Davis on the Age Has No Limit Podcast. We explore travel, new experiences, and everyday joy. It’s a heart-to-heart I think you’ll enjoy. For more stories, tips, and maybe a bit of inspiration, head over to my blog at Who knows where your next adventure will lead you?

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