Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu’s Forest

Suseong cafe pond

Mother’s Day at Asher Café

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For Mother’s Day, we opted for a cafe with a twist. Asher Cafe (아셀카페) located in a secluded corner of Suseong, remains hidden amidst the overgrown foliage of the early season. This converted old mansion offers a unique dining experience, serving an extensive variety of brunch items as well as Korean BBQ. It’s a food lovers paradise– the perfect opportunity to enjoy food from both cultures on this special day.

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20230514_130446-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

A Glimpse of Asher’s Ambience

Though Asher Cafe and BBQ in Suseong is only a 12-minute drive from our home in Suseong, its secluded location gives the impression of being much farther.

Stepping into Asher Café, you’ll immediately notice the big windows, white wood paneling, and exposed brick wall, and plethora of chandeliers and sconces. The place has a certain charm, with sconces on the columns and a black coffered ceiling that beautifully complements the exposed ductwork, also painted black, along the ceiling.

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20230514_130546-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

The decor may be worn, but it feels comfortable and inviting. Highback tufted chairs, both in fabric and leather, offer a comfortable mix of seating. The combination of canned and recessed lighting, combined with the natural light streaming in from the windows, creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

20230514_143003-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest
20230514_143047-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

A Lovely View

The view is one of the most captivating features of Asher Cafe and BBQ in Suseong. Overlooking a large pond adorned with plastic yurts and shaded picnic tables, the café offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and forests. The sight of water lilies floating on the pond’s surface adds a touch of serenity to the scene, even though it feels a little wild and untamed.

Unplanned Moment

Wandering around the café’s garden and pond, I couldn’t help but think it had seen better days. But then, I realized I was seeing things through my own cultural filter. On my way back to Steven, I stopped to chat with a fun bunch enjoying some BBQ. They were so friendly, even offering me a cold drink. I love running into moments like these in Korea.

20230514_132352-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest
20230514_132611-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

A Symphony of Flavors

Asher Cafe and BBQ in Suseong is not just about ambiance and views; it also has a fantastic brunch menu. From eggs benedict with salmon or bacon, kinds of pasta, croissant sandwiches, and even apple French toast.

We ordered the eggs Benedict with salmon and a broiled steak, which wasn’t even on the menu. Our entrees came salads, mushroom soup, and two kinds of bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side. There’s something for everyone.


20230514_131105-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

Service (free) Entertainment– Eww Teenagers

But the highlight of the visit was the unexpected entertainment. As we were enjoying our food, we were suddenly thrown into a loud and lively teenage Korean K-drama scenario– a stark reminder of why I get to celebrate this day in the first place, lol.

20230514_130937-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

Mother’s Day Special

On Mother’s Day, the Asher Cafe and BBQ in Suseong was filled with easy listening and instrumental Christmas music. The food, drinks, and entertainment cost us 85,000 KRW. The staff, spoke excellent English and were quite accommodating, suggesting alternatives such as steak when we mentioned we didn’t eat pork.

20230514_131124-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

BBQ under the Stars

For those who prefer Korean BBQ, Asher Cafe and BBQ in Suseong offer an outdoor option. Here, you can grill your own meat at the yurts or covered picnic tables, choosing from a selection of pork, beef, and duck. The meat comes with various sides, known as banchan in Korea.

20230514_130626-01-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

Visiting Asher Café

You can find Asher Café at 119, Cheongho-ro 22-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu.

[Naver Map]
대구 수성구 청호로22길 119

They are open from 10:00 to 22:00, last orders at 21:00 and are open 7 days a week. For reservations, suggested, but not required, you can call them at 0507-1351-7830.

So, if you’re looking for a unique dining experience in a serene and rustic setting, check out Asher Café. It’s more than just a restaurant—it’s a unique Korean foodie opportunity that you won’t forget.

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ASHER-CAFE-IN-SUSEONG-519x692 Asher Cafe: A Secluded Cafe in Suseong-gu's Forest

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