26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel

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Make no mistake about it. Travel gets into your veins, it flows through your bloodstream. Highly addictive. travel is like knowledge. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. And the more you find yourself not just wanting to travel. And just like a junkie, you find yourself “feening” to travel.

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You Know You Are a Travel Addict


Have you heard that there is a travel addict gene? While this post isn’t about science, it’s about the effects instead. Do you spend your nights dreaming of traveling somewhere near or far? If, like me, your answer is “duh”, you may have the travel gene too.



christine-roy-343235-unsplash-1024x685 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel

1. You know you are a travel addict

…when you have a hanbok, kimono, sari, 20 sarongs, lederhosen, and a grass skirt in your closet. You either that or you like role-playing. But hey, you’re glad that’s not the topic of this particular post… or are you?



2. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you instinctively know how to dial the United States from any country in the world.




3. You know you are addicted to travel


…because your 300 bottles of wine are ultimately sorted by country. Oh damn, I may have more addictions than I thought!



4. You know you are addicted to travel


if the first thing you do in the morning is to check airfare prices before you brush your teeth.




5. You know you are a travel addict


…because you have completely filled your passports before they expire. I’m on my fourth one, with only 6 pages left. Many countries require a full page for entry and exit stamps, so I’ll probably have to get another one in 2017.




first-passport 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel
My first and technically second passport. The first one I was babysitting on my mom’s lap. And even with this one I was not legally able to sign it myself. My mommy had to sign it for me.


6. You know you are addicted to travel


…when someone asks you how you are and you answer with what you did on your last trip or how excited you are about your next trip.




7. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you have bright yellow croc luggage. Clearly, you see me coming a mile away and I see it on the conveyer belt immediately. But, check first before you call out my name because my mother cajoled me to buy the same exact set for her.




Yellow-luggage-1024x576 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel
My bright yellow crocodile luggage from the Samantha Brown collection is stylish and stands out from standard black luggage sets.


8. You know you are addicted to travel


…when said bright yellow crocodile luggage was made by HGTV travel host Samantha Brown. Hey Sam, I have had so many compliments on this luggage, can we work something out?




9. You know you are addicted to travel


…because you have a stash of 15 different currencies in a jar in your house that you check before you leave for anywhere abroad. And more so when that stash becomes a coffee table art piece or shadow case.




foreign-currencies-1024x576 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel
Fifteen foreign currencies I’ve worked from my travels. Most of which will eventually go into shadow boxes.

10. You know you are addicted to travel


…sometimes you can rattle off recent currency exchange rates.




11. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you know translation such as how much and where’s the bathroom in 3-5 different languages.




12. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you know the high, low, rainy, and wet seasons of popular tourist destinations off the top of your head.




13. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you know gyro is pronounced hero, Laos is La-oh and there is no such thing as European Euros.




14. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you have multiple stashes of travel-size soaps, conditioners, shampoos, and lotions. What’s more, is you have so many you aren’t collecting anymore. Except for great products or pretty bottles.




shampoo-samples-1024x576 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel
My supply of travel shampoos, conditions, soaps and lotions from our travels


15. You know you are addicted to travel


…when the first thing you do when you get off the plane because you need free WIFI or head to the nearest coffee shop.




16. You know you are addicted to travel


…when your refrigerator looks like this:




fridge-magnets-1-576x1024 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel
Fridge magnets I’ve collected from all our travels around the world. I also collect tickets, stamps, and coins that have become art pieces in our home.


17. You know you are addicted to travel


when the majority of your phone apps are travel-related and some of them are in a foreign language.




18. You know you are addicted to travel


when you hear a song and you recall when and where you heard it the first time or it sparks special emotions associated with a special occasion. From this day forward I will always associate running the Paris Half Marathon with the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” because that was playing when we took off.




19. You know you are addicted to travel


…when Googling jobs with the following keywords: location independent, digital nomads or work from home is a hobby.




20. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you easily recognize even the most remote 3-letter airport codes or look forward to a day in SIN.




drink-on-the-plane-1024x576 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel


21. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you know the difference between the Boeing 737 from and Airbus. Why do I know this? Because I spent the worse 6 hours of my life squeezed in between the window and my husband on Airbus A330 from Busan to Kuala Lumpur. I sat there in pure agony, not able to move or put the armrest up between us. I vowed then, never to fly one of those flying cans again.




22. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you get annoyed with newbies who forget the change in their pockets. Irritated they don’t bring their own ziplock bags. And good grief this isn’t rocket science people.




23. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you hardly get home from one trip before you start planning the next one.




24. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you see a plane overhead, sigh and you wonder where it’s going.




25. You know you are addicted to travel


…when you check your world clock app before you call someone. Hey, we’ve all made or received that 2 am call that wasn’t meant to be “a booty call”. lol And again like number 1, that’s entirely another blog post.




26. You know you are addicted to travel


Obviously, when you have a travel blog PERIOD.


26-signs-you-are-addicted-to-travel-519x778 26 Signs You are Addicted to Travel



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    1. duffelbagspouse

      Me too. Funny thing is you can never see or do everything and the more you travel the more you realize that.

  1. Phoenix Fitness

    Haha I guess I can’t say I’m addicted to travel, although I really want to go somewhere! I’ll take your 300 bottles of wine problem though. 😉 I only have two, and they are sorted into open and unopened lol.

  2. Robin Rue

    I have not traveled enough to have a refrigerator that looks like that. Maybe one day because I am an addict in my own right.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve traveled a lot but I haven’t experienced filling my passport pages before it even expires. These are all very accurate though!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Being born on an Army base makes you a traveler on day one so its pretty easy to fill up a passport. All the hoing back and forth, official and leisure travel adds up quickly.

  4. mira pastr

    Woow,Your Fridge did you travel to all those places ? you should have enough vacation , it i amazing thank you for the post 😀

  5. Wanderlust Vegans

    We can definitely relate to a lot of these points. I think we might be a bit addicted to travel. We like to collect fridge magnets from all the countries we go to but we don’t quite have as many as that picture there.

  6. Hra

    OOO i love this post!! i am addicted to travel since i was a child!! i definitely agree with what you say… Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  7. Krysten

    You have 300 bottles of wine! Color me impressed and jealous!
    And you’re on your 3rd passport. I am so jealous of your life right now. I want to travel more, but with the baby and everything else I can’t. 🙁

    1. duffelbagspouse

      We collected most of it when we lived in Europe. Good wine is so inexpensive there and we used to buy it by the case. I wish you could do that in America.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      The more you travel you realize that very thing. And yes, I am stop in anytime you need some travel therapy.

  8. Caitlin

    This was hilarious! My fridge looks EXACTLY like that… I actually ran out of room. My husband put up a big sheet of metal on the wall in our kitchen so I could keep going!

  9. Ashlea

    I love traveling. I try to take least one big trip and several small trips each year. Now that my son is a year it is going to be great seeing him explore the world with us. I don’t collect magnets but I do shot glasses.

  10. Author Brandi Kennedy

    Number one made me laugh. “Role playing.” Ha! Number five made me think you might be addicted to more than just travel – which is just fine by me, because I guess it takes one to know one, huh? Number nine? Fascinating! I’d love to look through that, just to see what’s there. I know, that probably seems creepy, but I swear there are no bad intentions! I’ve only ever seen American money and Canadian change – which all look the same! I loved the rest of your list too – especially that last item. Quite true, that one.

  11. Nellwyn

    I have so many travel-size soap and shampoo bottles that I’ve also had to start leaving them behind in hotels! It seems like such a shame but I just don’t have any more space in my bathroom

  12. jaycie

    OMG i thought i was the only one who collected magnets! never met anyone else that has done that! Envious of your collection!!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I have a lo lot of friends who do, that and shot glasses, coffee cups, postcards, bottle corks, beer bottle caps, and all kinds of things.

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