Enjoy the Weekand in Gyeongju– Hidden Brunch Cafe

Considering spending the Weekand in Gyeongju. It’s always busy on the weekends. Weekand, is written week& is an excellent addition to your cafe-hopping list. The yummy brunch cafe is tucked into the neighborhood and may be hard to find, but wandering the narrow streets and alleys is part of Gyeongju’s charm, right?

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Weekand Brunch Cafe

Steven dropped Robyn and I off near the Week& Cafe to find a parking space. He ended up finding it before us because we got turned around so much. After turning to Google Maps and following the red dot, we finally found the cafe.

The cafe is really cute. It’s a quaint cafe with 6 or 7 small tables in a narrow alley just steps from the main drag of Gyeongju. It sits at the end of a tree-lined, paved courtyard. Weekand in Gyeongju, like many cafe in the city, has a hanok-style roof with massive windows open to the inner courtyard, which brings tons of light. When we arrived there was only one couple in the cafe.

Menu at Weekand Brunch Cafe

Finding great places to eat can be difficult if you don’t eat pork. But Weekand had a few options to choose from. We ordered the Egg in Hell French Toast and the signature breakfast. My friend does eat pork, so she dusted off the sausage and bacon.

I want to note that, unlike many places, Weekand fully cooks the bacon until it is crispy. I don’t know why, but many Korean cafes microwave it. Robyn and I ordered peach and yuja ades that were thick and delicious.

The cafe never got busy. We left as another couple was entering. I like this because cafes can get very noisy when they get crowded.

While You’re Here

Don’t leave without walking around to check out the shops. The trendiest spot in Gyeongju is Hwangnidan Street. We wandered into a shop that sold incense, dream catchers and jewelry. I walked out with a few new scents for my collection. You might also want to bring a wide brimmed hat or umbrella because there is little to no shade in the downtown area.

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