Road Trip to The North Cafe in North Thailand

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Road Trip to The North Cafe in North Thailand

Have you ever made a lunch break on a road trip that is almost as memorable as the destination itself? That’s exactly what happened on our road trip to Chiang Dao in northern Thailand. On the way to our hotel in Chiang Dao, we pulled onto a side road in the middle of nowhere. That’s when we discovered the absolutely stunning North Cafe. The cafe and grounds surrounding it were so beautiful, I can’t wait to go back. Keep reading and you’ll understand why.

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Lunch Pitstop– North Cafe in Chiang Dao

Believe me when I say this cafe is drop-dead gorgeous in many different ways. It’s a nondescript two-story A-frame constructed building that wouldn’t stand out in too many places except here. That’s because it’s ideally suited for the lush farmland it sits on. Steven found it on a Google search, looking for pretty cafes with a view that served food. Luckily, North Cafe met both criteria. I had to pinch myself when we pulled off Route 1001, the main road to Chiang Dao, a little less than an hour from our destination, the View Hotel in Chiang Dao. This cafe and the land surrounded by views of Mon Jam and Chiang Dao Mountains was a little slice of heaven on Earth. Loads of vibrant green trees, some in full floral bloom, others weighed down with ripe fruit.

A Tropical Oasis

Exiting the van into the parking lot felt like entering a tropical oasis, surrounded by an endless array of trees, flowers, and shrubs. The sky above was filled with sizable, fluffy clouds, resembling floating islands. As we ascended the floating steps to the cafe, we couldn’t help but marvel at the elevated view.

Moments later, the owner graciously pushed aside the large glass door, offering a warm welcome with a traditional “sawadee ka.” Embracing the Thai custom, we reciprocated the gesture with palms together and a slight bow, accompanied by smiles, before following her into the cafe.

The Decor at North Cafe

The decor in the cafe was simple– wood, potted greenery, and lots of windows. All the decor complimented the high ceilings of the A-frame– especially the wicker pendent lights. Huge floor to ceiling windows framed expansive views of the mountains and the lush vegetation in both directions. Two small ponds complimented the view, and according to the owner, she plans to expand the cafe by including a homestay and more permanent outdoor seating.

Cafe Treats

The primary business of the cafe is catering. She caters parties of all sizes inside and outdoors. The cafe serves a variety of both sweet treats and brunch items. We ordered both. I enjoyed the fruit parfait and a macadamia nut croissant with creme. Steven and Suwat wanted something a little more substantial. Unfortunately we visited during a local holiday that included a meat fast. However, the owner was able to create a beef dish for Steven which turned out to be delicious. That was very kind, something she didn’t have to do for us. We also had a bowl of morning glory greens– a new favorite for both of us.


Lunch in the rice paddies was awesome! The green fields around me were so peaceful, and the sound of the rice plants swaying in the breeze was calming. The food smelled amazing – Thai spices mixed with the earthy scent of the paddies. Eating there felt like being part of nature. It was like a feast for all the senses!

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The North Cafe
422 Nongmajub 1 Maefak, Tambon Mae Faek, San Sai District, Chiang Mai 50290, Thailand

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