A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

Route 66

There are more dirt roads in the state of Kansas than anywhere else in the United States. And Prairie Fire Winery is located at the end of one. When we turned off the highway, I could feel the mood change in the car. Dirt roads are the one thing Steven hates more than anything else. He drove slowly, but dirt and gravel were kicked up all around us for more than a mile. Knowing we’d get to drink wine did nothing to lessen his frustration. This man hates a dirty car, but he loves me. And I love wine. So he tapped the gas and we slowly made our way towards the winery anyway.

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A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

The winery is very proud that all their wines are made with locally-grown grapes. They do purchase grapes from other vineyards from time to time. And the owners are actively working to increase the number of wineries in the state through partnerships with 5 other wineries. They’ve done this by mentoring young vintners as wells as sharing resources and trade information.

Prairie-Fire-Winery-path-through-vineyard-1024x576 A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

Dry Farming Method

Prairie Fire utilizes dry farming. The dry farming traditional method that relies on rainfall for moisture, rather than irrigation. The soil acts as a sponge during the snows of winter and early spring, recharging to subsurface moisture in the soil. Periodic rainfall during the growing season helps supplement the subsurface moisture.

This technique also forces the roots deeper into the soil. And like the native flora, it allows greater access to the water and nutrients found in the soil. This method is especially critical for a winery that prides itself on only bottling locally-grown grapes.

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Prairie-Fire-Tasting-Room-1024x576 A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

Stormchaser and Local Snacks

I enjoyed the tasting room at the Tasting Room at Prairie Fire Winery. The bar is quite cozy, but a couple of tables are near a picture window. You can enjoy some locally sourced meat, cheeses, and snacks in one of the adjacent rooms. They are bright and beautifully decorated with dark wood tables and vineyard views.

Or enjoy your wine under the pergola in front or the backyard of Prairie Fire Winery. Grab a bottle of Stormchaser White, the summer beef sausage, a wedge of chipotle cheddar cheese & crackers. Find an unoccupied table and sit back and relax for a while.

Wine Tastings

I think tastings were $5 for five wines, but who’s counting because we were able to sample just about everything except the RIesling. It was “kaput” as the Germans would say. We’ll try that one next time we visit, which is alright with me.

Prairie-Fire-Winery-red-grapes-1024x576 A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery
Prairie-Fire-Winery-bench-view-1024x576 A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

Locally-Grown at Prairie Fire

Relax, enjoy the beauty of the Flint Hills. Walking trails provide an easy way to explore the vineyards. Take your glass and stroll to the top of two hills for a panoramic view of Flint Hills. Benches are strategically placed to allow you to take in the 25-30 views. It’s a 10-15 minute walk to the top of either hill. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views and cool breezes.

Don’t forget your camera. From the roadside wildflowers to the painted sunsets over the winding dirt road. The landscape is still relatively wild. I suspect it’s been tame to make the walk more comfortable for guests. The vineyard is, however, in the process of planting additional vines in the near future.

prairie-fire-winery-1-519x778 A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

28 thoughts on “A Long Dirt Road to Prairie Fire Winery

  1. I adore visiting wineries and I loved this post, you have included so much detail of your experience and have captured fab photos

  2. I’ve been to Kansas a few times and had no idea about this winery. Will definitely give it a try the next time I’m in town. I love me some wine! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. As I’m getting older, I really need to look into winery’s I think they’d be so fun, especially after reading the post. I love wine, and learning about wine – so why not give it a go?

  4. “This man hates a dirty car, but he loves me. And I love wine. So he taped the gas…” How funny! But your great pics indicate you had a wonderful time. I love how inviting you make “winetasting” sound. Even down to the wildflowers during the drive. I’m adding it to my next private tour!

  5. I just love grapes and I make my own grape juice from it that I love. Anyway, even though the journey to the winery wasn’t so pleasing, I’m certain you had fun at the place and enjoyed yummy local wine,right?

    1. Then you would love this place. Like I said, they make their sausage and carry a number of local artisan cheeses to try. Lots of people bring their own food to eat while they enjoy the scenery.

  6. I love wine. But I have a wish to visit a winery. It sounds like a fun trip. What do you like most about going to the winery?

    1. I love the people who go to the wineries. They are generally fun loving and interesting people who love to talk wine and travel and drinking wine while traveling.

    1. What fascinates you most? And why haven’t you visited one yet? I read that there is at least a couple in every single state.

    1. I agree, sometimes we go just to enjoy the scenery. The wine here at Prairie Firm is pretty good to though. A bonus because I didn’t think I’d fine decent wine here in Kansas.

    1. I agree. The people that go to wineries are usually really nice too. It’s just the culture of enjoying time together.

    1. Hey Joan, you should have a winery near your own backyard. Check it out and let us know how it went, ok?

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