Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

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The Hermann Wine Trail is one of the largest and oldest German-settled communities in the United States. It’s roughly a 6-hour drive from Manhattan to Hermann, Mo. Stop by the visitors center to get a map and learn about the trolley/ public transportation and special events.  And thank goodness, they brought their wine over, too.

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Oak-Glen-Winery-Herman-MO-Wine-Trail Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

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  1. Where is the Hermann Wine Trail
  2. Where to Stay
  3. List of Wineries on the Trail
  4. Where to Drink
  5. Where to Eat

Poppin’ Bottles on the Hermann Wine Trail

Hermann, Missouri 

The Hermann Wine Trail is a small wine trail approximately 60 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. The area was settled by German immigrants who felt it reminded them of the rolling hills of Germany. Winding through some of the prettiest scenery in the state, the Hermann Wine Trail meanders for 20 scenic miles along the Missouri River between Hermann and New Haven. Along the trail, seven family-owned wineries are open for tasting and tours.

duffelbagspouse-at-Oak-Glen-Winery-Hermann-MO-768x1024 Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Where We Stayed

We did not stay in Hermann. All of the accommodations in Hermann were either very expensive or very rustic. And I don’t care for either. So we stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Wentzville. Turns out, Hermann closes down pretty early, so the 20-minute drive was well worth it.

wooden-wine-caskets-at-Oak-Glen-Winery Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Wineries on the Hermann Wine Trail

Adam Puchta Winery
Bias Winery
Dierberg Star Lane Tasting Room
Hermannhof Winery
Oak Glenn Winery
Röbller Winery
Stone Hill Winery

99B78A09-4729-43B6-99B9-BD14CDB70410-1024x683 Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Where We Drank

Summer Winery in the Rain

  1. Adam Puchta Winery
  2. Hermannhof Winery
  3. Stone Hill Winery
  4. Oak Glen Winery
  5. Tin Mill Brewery

While all seven are close enough to visit in one day, we decided to concentrate on 4 of them. We also stopped at Summer Winery which is not on the trail because we drove right by it. It turned out to be a good move because they had great Sangrias and wine sauces. Opting out of the other 3 wineries freed up time to explore some of the area breweries and restaurants.

Glass-of-wine-at-Adam-Puchta-Winery-Hermann-MO-768x1024 Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Adam Puchta Winery

Adam Puchta Winery claims to be the oldest continuously owned family winery in the country. You can choose from three wine tasting options. The first option includes 8 pre-selected wines. The second option included all 16 wines (excluding the Vintner’s selections) which made up the third wine tasting options. We shared a glass for the last two options which let us taste everything. It’s a small little shop built in the 1850’s, and that’s definitely part of its charm. They had one of the best gift shops in Hermann. They had cheeses and sausages and all kinds of preserved goods. The wines were very tasty and the chocolate and cheese pairings enhanced the flavor of each wine.

pond-at-Hermanhof-Winery-Hermann-MO Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Hermannhof Winery

If you are going to visit Hermannhof Winery makes sure you go on the cave tour. The caves at Hermannhof were built around 1848 and contain ancient wine casks and machinery. The winery is one of two wineries located within the city limits. The Hermannhof Winery offers tours of the cellars originally built in 1852, and offers tastings and tours too. The winery has a large tasting room with a deli next door where you can enjoy a meal and a bottle (or two) of wine. If you want to get a good sample of Missouri wine, friendly atmosphere, local sausages, then you might enjoy a stop at Hermannhof Winery.

I’ve found some of my favorite places on road trips; check this place out on Lake Michigan.

winery-at-Oak-Glen-Winery-Hermann-Wine-Trail Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Stone Hill Winery

Stone Hill Winery is the largest and oldest winery in the state. It’s where you can enjoy a guided tour of the historic cellars, a German meal at the Vintage Restaurant, or stroll around the winery’s carriage house and horse barn. The winery occupies a beautiful parcel of land encircled by rolling hills of grapevines. And if you’re lucky you can visit on a nice day to listen to live music while you sip an award-winning wine, cider, or slushy.

wooden-fence-and-Missouri-River Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Oak Glen Winery

The winery sits at the end of a very long dirt road. But once you arrive, the view will astound you. Oak Glen Winery reminded me the most of my time in Germany. It sits atop a hill overlooking the Missouri River. Unfortunately, that’s the best part of the winery. It has an expansive deck and garden with the most gorgeous view of the river even on a rainy day like the day we visited. Like many of the reviews I read, I didn’t love sipping wine out of plastic shot glasses. I just don’t like drinking wine from plastic cups– if I don’t have to. They also have bands on the patio most weekends and a full bar for those that are wined out. Make this winery your last stop because this winery stays open a little later than the other wineries in town.

Tin Mill Brewery

We decided to check out Tin Mill Brewery for the local beer and a snack. The building alone is worth a visit. Tin Mill Brewery sits in the heart of historic downtown Hermann, Missouri, and provides a variety of handcrafted brews for customers to enjoy in their historic lager house, or while enjoying the front porch or German beer garden. They’ve got a wide selection of house beers on draft, and plenty of cozy seating. We ordered a flight. Unfortunately, my husband wasn’t impressed by any of the beers. In addition, our table was uncomfortably wobbly. And because of that, we didn’t stay for the food.

Hermann-Wurst-Haus Road Trip: Weekend on the Hermann Wine Trail

Where to Eat

  1. Hermann Wurst Haus
  2. 54th Street Grill
  3. Friendship Brewing Company

Hermann Wurst Haus

We could smell the smoked meat/bbq as we walked up to the deli. Hermann Wurst Haus brags about having more than 60 varieties of bratwurst and German Sausages. Too bad none of them are beef or chicken. We were sure there was at least one rindswurst (beef sausage) to try, but we were wrong. So we had a chicken and turkey sandwich respectively. And they were just –well, chicken and turkey sandwiches. There are lots of frozen meats, cheese, mustards, and jellies. They offer an all you can eat breakfast featuring their home-made smoked bacon and sausage on Sundays. The reviews are all over the place on the Wurst Haus, however, the store and historic building is worth a visit no matter what.

54th Street Grill

Usually, not a fan of chain restaurants, but this place was recommended by the hotel staff. The 54th Street Grill has one of the largest menus I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, in my experience, that’s never a good thing when it comes to restaurants. And that’s still the truth. I ordered the fish tacos. Tilapia, spicy dressed cabbage, Roma tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and cotija wrapped in corn-flour tortillas and drizzled with red pepper sauce. Sounds good, right? Wrong. The fish was not seasoned at all. The best thing about the place was sitting at the bar where we shared a couple of drinks with a couple of locals.

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Friendship Brewing Company

Friendship Brewery is a fun place to hang out with friends or family. Walking inside is like stepping back in time with all of the beer and vintage themed. They have a very large beer selection that includes a diverse range of flavors, such as raspberry jalapeño. We had a much better experience at the Friendship Brewing Company in Wentzville. Turns out this establishment is two establishments in one. A brewery and a restaurant. There’s no food service so you have to go order and pick it up yourself in a window in the back. We were especially pleased with the wings we ordered which were very tasty, if not a wee bit overcooked. There’s a good assortment of their own brews and local favorites. Enjoy live music on a small elevated stage or Jenga with the kids at your table.

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