Road Trip: How to Lose Weight While You Travel

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You guys know I am in the process of moving. I’m also in the process of a month-long road trip. And I am looking for another job. And oh yeah, I’m trying to lose weight. Any one of the above is a recipe for weight gain. So far, I’ve lost about 35 lbs from exercise and diet. Some of those pounds, I’ve lost a couple of times, but oh well. Setbacks are bound to happen. It may be a little harder to lose weight on a road trip. But it can be done with these 10 tips to lose weight on a road trip.

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Lose Weight on a Road Trip

We began our trip in Austin and drove to Kansas to drop off one of the three cars. At the hotel, we devoured a healthy breakfast of fruit, juice, and coffee. Determined to maintain healthy choices throughout the trip, I committed to smart food decisions at every stop.

However, my two travel companions, hubby and son, didn’t share the same dietary concerns. They weren’t on a mission to lose weight.


In order to maintain weight goals on a road trip, I needed to put a plan into action. A guideline to stay on track and keep the momentum moving in the right direction. We’re almost halfway through the trip and these 10 tips have helped me lose a couple of pounds to the road.

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Start each day with exercise and breakfast.
Keep Your Metabolism Active

Consequently, studies prove that both are catalysts for eating/snacking less throughout the day. Breakfast can be anything from a piece of fruit, toast, or oatmeal and a small glass of juice. To get your metabolism going, don’t skip breakfast. It’s a sure-fire way to fuel the mind, body, and soul so you can lose weight.

Pack healthy snacks & a water bottle.

Exercise is not enough. Having something to snack on will prevent you from browsing the chip and cookie aisle when you stop for gas. And refilling your bottle with ice and water is free. Staying hydrated will curb your desire to snack and keep your bottle working at full capacity.

Ask for menus with calorie counts.

Even fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s have them. I’m not a huge calorie counter, but I like to have an idea of my calorie intake nonetheless. If you want to lose weight you have to make healthy choices while you exercise.

Avoid heavy fast foods, fried, high in fat, carbs. Limit excess dipping sauces and salt.

All the above are unnecessary added calories. They also make you feel tired, bloated or cranky. Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins like chicken and fish. Add sauces, dressings, and dips on the side.

Eating at fast-food restaurants isn’t automatically bad for you.

I thought it would be hard to maintain weight goals on a road trip. But there is always something on the menu you can eat. Substitute a side of fruit salad for fries. Skip the bread and make it a salad. Add grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken to your salad. And remember… don’t use all that salad dressing.

Limit the amount of soda, high-calorie energy drinks, and alcohol you drink.

This should be a pretty obvious way to maintain weight goals on a road trip. I can still enjoy a glass or two of wine with a little wise substitution. I say lose weight, but don’t lose yourself in the process.

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Stay at a hotel with a gym or access to one.

You need to stay active in order to maintain weight goals on a road trip. Make sure you pack one or two workout outfits and your sneakers. Don’t have a gym— take stairs over and over again, do push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, and dips in your hotel room.

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Get plenty of rest.

Six hours of driving is ideal for us. It allows for unforeseen traffic or bad weather. We never drive at night. And we never have to leave too early or arrive too late. Daily exercise is important, but you have to give your body time to rejuvenate itself too. It’s very difficult to maintain weight loss goals on a road trip without the proper amount of sleep.

Make sure to take your vitamins, supplements, and medications.

Travel is rough on your skin, hair, nails, and stomach—your entire body actually. Make sure you are giving it the daily minimums required to keep it functioning at a high level.

Find something to occupy your mind.

Boredom breeds excess snacking. Bring a great book, crossword puzzle or a great playlist. Take the time to journal, write a letter or catch up with the lives of your travel companions.

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  1. Valenica Abbott

    When I started my weight loss journey I NEEDED food logs! It really helped me to understand what I was putting in my body. Now after a year I am comfortable with making wise choices!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Szebastian

    Some very sensible and obvious advise that we often ignore and hence struggle. If we simply start following these in day to day life, we’ll be fitter in no time!

  3. Terri Beavers

    Great tips! When I’m on a road trip I feel like I have to snack on everything. I’ll have to keep these in mind for my next road trip.

  4. Waren Jean Go

    I love travelling because unknowingly I get to exercise and burn calories. The sight seeing on foot is the best exercise.

  5. Laurie Gannon

    All of the tips provided are very practical. When I am on the road for work, I always check out the fitness center at the hotel. It’s a great way to keep fit and alleviate stress.

    What I need to do a better job with is packing snacks. That’s one of my biggest weaknesses.

  6. alison netzer

    Great tips! I know the breakfast thing is important, but everytime I eat breakfast, I’m still really hungry through the day. Oh well. I love how you avoid soda. We do not keep them in the house. The only time we have them are when we are out at a game or dinner. Other than that, I find soda to be awful

  7. Brittany Vantrease

    These are great weight loss trips. I know that when I travel, apart from being in the car all day, when we do finally get to do something, I get at least 10,000 steps in that day. If I’m eating a salad, I always have the dressing on the side and lightly dip my fork into the sauce. I eat less of it, and it’s the first thing that hits my tongue so I get the full flavor of it

  8. Monnidipa

    Wow! This are really amazing tips to lose weight on road trips or anywhere. One can use these to lose weight while they are having just their daily routine.

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