The Best Home Inventory Apps

The Best Home Inventory Apps

One of the hardest things about a PCS move is keeping track of all of your belongings and staying organized. Using a mobile app is a great way to deal with both of these issues. Here are six useful home inventory apps you can install to make your move less stressful.

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Unpacking-1024x576 The Best Home Inventory Apps

Home Inventory Home Inventory Apps

1. Home Inventory


Home Inventory is an app for Macs and iOS devices that goes above and beyond a simple list of your items. The app also gives you the option to add important details about these belongings, including:

  • A description of the item
  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Purchase date
  • Amount paid for the item

2. Sortly


Another highly-rated app available for iOS devices is the Sortly app. Because of its simplicity and visual appeal, this app is popular for people who move frequently, or for those who do not need all of the bells and whistles of the previous app. You can use this app to upload details and photos of your items, and then organize these into folders and sub-folders with tags. A unique feature of Sortly is the Track Lending tool that allows you to keep track of who you lent an item to, and when you expect that item to be returned.


3. Encircle


Encircle is a home inventory app for both Android and Apple devices. Although this app has extra features for insurance employees and property managers, it has the basics for homeowners looking to keep track of their items when they move. These features include:

  • Uploading pictures of items
  • Adding details and documentation for each item
  • Automatically backing up information to the online app
  • Analyzing the value of your items to compare it to your current level of insurance


4. Belongings Home Inventory


The Belongings Home Inventory app is an iOS app that allows you to synchronize your data automatically with the online inventory, so your information is never lost. You can also export your inventory list as a PDF, CSV, or another type of file. You can also use a bar code scanner app to upload your items quickly.


5. Home Inventory Organizer

Home Inventory Organizer is an Android app that allows you to upload photos of items and receipts. This free home inventory app is especially helpful while moving due to the customizable room list that gives you the option to change a room name, add a new room, or move the room where an item is located.


6. Know Your Stuff


Run by a non-profit company, Know Your Stuff is a free home inventory app for Apple and Android devices that offers a basic method for recording all of your belongings. You can use a combination of photos, text details, and receipts to inventory all of your belongings, and then organize each item by room.


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