My Top 10 Phuket Thailand for First Time Visitors

Top 10 Thailand Attractions

Phuket for First Time Visitors

Phuket, Thailand is an amazing destination that offers a lot of experiences for first time visitors that showcase the cultural, culinary, natural, and entertainment offerings of this captivating destination. From exploring its rich heritage to indulging in delicious cuisine, immersing in stunning natural beauty, and experiencing vibrant entertainment, Phuket is an enticing place for travelers seeking a diverse and unforgettable adventure.

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1. Eat lots of street food

This is an easy one; we were first-time visitors to Phuket and ate at only one restaurant for the entire week in Thailand. You can find delicious pad Thai, grilled meats, fresh fish, noodles, soups, kebabs, the most enormous prawns you’ll ever see, and a ton of stuff you’ll have no idea what it is (and the locals can’t translate) on just about every corner for 60 Baht (less than $1.75). Make sure you read my post on avoiding food poisoning here.

3. Visit Wat Chalong

Immerse your senses in the time-honored Hindu rituals of the largest temple on the island of Phuket, Thailand, said to house a bone splinter from Buddha himself.

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4. Get a massage every day

On average, a Thai massage in the United States costs more than a hundred dollars, but in Thailand, you’ll spend between 250-350 Baht—more or less 10 dollars. Pretty affordable, right?

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5. Explore Phang Nga Bay by canoe

Explore its deep caves, sea wildlife, wind, and sea-eroded rock formations, and bioluminescent plankton while you quench your thirst for adventure.

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6. Ride in a tuk-tuk

There are a few modes of transportation throughout Thailand, but none of them is as popular as the tuk-tuk. And Phuket Thailand has a ton of them for first time visitors. Sometimes you will hear them before you see them because their sound systems are so loud. Some of them are decked out in neon lights and fancy wheels. And all of them come with a character behind the wheel.

7. Snorkeling in Koh Phi Phi

Snorkeling in Koh Phi Phi is a great place for the first-time snorkeler. A snorkeling trip in this part of Thailand allows you to gaze on strikingly beautiful corals and prismatic schools of fish. It’s crystal-clear waters and incredible scenery.

8. Maya Beach & Cove

I will never forget the first time I saw Maya Bay. As soon as you arrive at Maya Beach, you know exactly why it has been chosen for so many movies. The blue water around the beach shimmers like stained glass. It’s.a watery window into a silent world where tiny blue and yellow striped fish swim just beyond your fingertips. The powdery white sand feels like satin under your feet. And a whisper-soft breeze dances with the light fabric of your sarong. The sky overhead is yet another shade of blue. Puffs of wafer-thin clouds lazily drifting to and fro, creates a picturesque setting.

9. Party with the Lady Boys of Bangla Road

Bangla Road is a stretch of gritty open-air bars just off Patong Beach. Girls dance on the bar tops in high heels and tiny shorts, and the boys do the same. Ladyboys are popular photo ops in Phuket. But if they catch you taking pictures of them, they will “request” a tip.

10. Watch fire dancers on the beach

There’s something hypnotic about fire dancers, with the flames of their batons twirling and circling in time to the drumbeat. It’s like being mesmerized by the flickering flames of a campfire. They create the same kind of warmth and sense of community. The dancers are excellent, and the fire show is mesmerizing.


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