Thailand Tranquility: Teddu Cafe in the Heart of Mae Kampong Village

Me at Teddu Cafe

Teddu Cafe in the Heart of Mae Kampong Village

Finding Teddu Cafe isn’t obvious; it’s hidden in the greenery of Mae Kampong Village. Look for stairs near a large cat statue in the parking lot. Follow them down and walk over the bridge above the stream to reach Teddu Cafe. As we went down the steps and crossed the bridge, we had no idea an amazing adventure was about to unfold.

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The Symphony of Water

Upon entering Teddu Cafe, the tranquil sounds of water immediately surrounded us. While there were indoor seats available, this isn’t the ideal spot for those who prefer indoor settings. This cafe is all about proximity to the waterfall, jungle, and stream. The rhythmic cascade of water served as a continuous backdrop to our entire experience, creating a melody that echoed through the lush green canopy. After surveying the surroundings, I ascended to the canopy above. Beads of sweat glistened on our foreheads as we climbed the stairs above the waterfall, embarking on a journey that produced a harmonious melody blending with the natural symphony of the jungle.

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A Rope Bridge Adventure

The highlight of Teddu Cafe is undoubtedly the two-story rope canopy that connects the cafe to the world above. Despite a drizzle that threatened to dampen our spirits, the rope bridge was open. It invites us to an adventure suspended in the air. The feel of the rough rope beneath my fingers added an extra layer of excitement as I carefully traversed the bridge. The jungle below, filled with exotic flora and the distant calls of wildlife, heightened the sense of adventure.

In addition, the slight shake in the bridge itself added an element of thrill to our journey, as if the bridge itself were alive with the pulse of the jungle. Each step suspended in the air brought a unique blend of adrenaline and awe, making the adventure all the more memorable. As we continued our traverse, the gentle sway of the bridge became a dance with nature, connecting us intimately to the vibrant ecosystem below. It was an experience that transcended the ordinary, turning a simple, drizzly day into a magical journey high above the lush canopy of Mae Kampong Village’s Teddu Cafe.

Coffee in the Clouds

Perched above the waterfall on the rope suspension bridge, we found ourselves in a coffee lover’s paradise. The Teddu Cafe, surrounded by the mist rising from the waterfall, offered a stunning panoramic view. We indulged in hot coffees, the warmth contrasting with the cool mist enveloping us. The strong brew was a welcome companion on the wet day, energizing us for the exploration that lay ahead.

A Retreat for the Senses

In our quest for a reason to extend our stay in Mae Kampong Village, we stumbled upon Teddu Cafe – a retreat for the senses. The combination of the sound of water, the feel of the rope, and the breathtaking views made our visit an unforgettable experience. Whether you seek a quiet reading spot, a jungle adventure, or a coffee break in the clouds, Teddu Cafe is a hidden gem that promises an escape into tranquility.


Teddu Cafe is not just a coffee haven but also a homestay that promises tranquility. I don’t know anything about the homestay, but the ratings seem to be pretty good. I can’t imagine sleeping amidst nature. The rooms appear to be clean and comfortable accommodations providing a serene escape from the noisy outside world. Falling asleep to the sound of the crashing waterfall and the gentle murmur of the stream below, we felt a profound sense of peace and isolation.


Mae Kampong Village in Chiang Mai is a calm and beautiful spot surrounded by nature. The village is famous for its charming cafes and coffee shops. Each offering a unique view of the stunning landscapes around. Places like Teddu Cafe, with its waterfall and rope bridge, make the coffee experience more than just a drink. It’s an adventure with a backdrop of jungle, mountains, and waterfalls. These cafes not only serve great coffee. But they also provide a chance to soak in the natural beauty of the area. So, exploring the coffee scene in Mae Kampong is not just about the taste. It’s about enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous views that make the whole experience memorable.

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