The Ultimate Ulsan Cafe Guide: Coffee by the Sea

Greetvi buffet foods at Ulsan food selections

Ready for a road trip, I randomly picked Ulsan as our destination. Today, my friends Kyung Sook, Steven, and I set off from Daegu to explore some seaside cafes in this fantastic city. In this Ulsan Cafe Guide, I’ll introduce you to two fantastic dessert spots and a cozy brunch joint. Come along as we dive into Ulsan’s buzzing cafe culture, indulge in scrumptious delights, and soak in the serene ambiance by the Ulsan Sea. Don’t miss out on the charm of HEY-MER, Greetvi, and Hidden Blue Brunch Cafes. Treat yourself to delicious snacks, coffee, and mesmerizing ocean views.

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Greetvi Cafe

I couldn’t create an Ulsan Cafe Guide without including Greetvi Cafe definitely belongs on this Ultimate Ulsan Cafe Guide. Greetvi Cafe is part of a small private chain of beautiful cafes in South Korea. I had the pleasure of visiting the one in Pohang last year. The Greetvi Cafe in Ulsan is a spacious and modern establishment situated by the ocean. It exudes a cool beach vibe with its neutral colors, like gray, and natural elements such as grasses and stones. As you step inside, you’ll immediately notice the tall beach grasses flanking the entrance, enhancing the beach-themed ambiance.

Inside the cafe, there are three floors filled with delicious breads, desserts, and coffees. You can also enjoy the view from two rooftop seating areas. The cafe offers a small sandy beach where people can fish and swim. On the day we visited, it was cloudy and foggy, but once the fog cleared, we could see the shoreline and a lighthouse.

At Greetvi Cafe, you can treat yourself to a variety of tasty breads, desserts, and coffees. The cafe has a calming and elegant atmosphere, with natural touches that enhance the beach ambiance. If you prefer a higher vantage point, you can relax on one of the two rooftop seating areas and take in the expansive ocean views. It’s a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the coastal beauty. With such expansive views, you’ll feel as though you’re hanging out in the clouds, with the vast expanse of the ocean stretching out before you.


Greetvi 그릿비 서생점
4, Sinamhaean 1-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

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HEY-MER is a unique cafe/bakery located in Ulsan, South Korea. Situated atop a hill, the cafe is shaped like an oval and offers panoramic views of both the Ulsan sea and surrounding farmland.

To reach HEY-MER, visitors need to ascend a road with a steep incline of approximately 80 degrees. As they make their way up, they will come across other businesses associated with HEY-MER, including a pension and facilities for camping, complete with camping cars. One distinctive attraction of the cafe is the operation of a zip line during the summer season.

Inside this Ultimate Ulsan Cafe Guide cafe, you’ll find several areas where you can take photos and an antique-like section that has a similar appearance and smell. When it comes to seating, there are plenty of options available. In my case, I chose seats on the second-floor terrace facing the ocean. It was a pleasant experience, especially after the rain stopped and a cool breeze set in. I also appreciated the fact that the second floor and rooftop areas were designated as no kids zones, which added to the peaceful atmosphere.

One notable feature inside the cafe is a large tree located in the center atrium. I imagine it provides extra seating when the weather is sunny. Despite the foggy weather during my visit, I still enjoyed the terrace without needing an umbrella.

Although I didn’t have any food at HEY-MER on that occasion since I had plans for brunch later, I noticed a variety of cakes, breads, and bottled drinks on display. The cafe may not have a modern look like many other cafes, but its serene atmosphere and the diverse views it offers make it a truly unique and enjoyable place to visit. You can take in breathtaking sights of the ocean, farmland, nature, and mountains all from this one location.


72, 히든블루, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

VideoCapture_20230718-133405-519x389 The Ultimate Ulsan Cafe Guide: Coffee by the Sea

Hidden Blue Brunch Cafe wasn’t our first choice. We wanted to have brunch but ended up having an early dinner because it was getting late. Fortunately, the place we initially wanted to go to was closed, so we went back towards Greetvi and found a table outside at Hidden Blue. It was really busy, mostly with families, but surprisingly it didn’t bother me. I actually enjoyed watching the kids walking around on the cobblestones.

The cafe has a big menu with pasta, rice, and pizza options. We ordered three dishes: shrimp and basil pasta, a veggie pizza, and a chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Everything was delicious, and we all felt the portions were generous.

The cafe is located on a grassy cliff overlooking the Ulsan Sea. It has a few spots where you can take nice photos, and there are stairs that go down to the water. I started to go down, but quickly remembered, I had to come back up, so I opted out. If you go, let me know what’s down there, please?

I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. Unlike the previous cafes, Hidden Blue is someplace you come to kickback and take your shoes off. The cafe also played good R&B music and we had a great view of the sunset. All three of us lingered over our drinks a little longer than we expected. But it was getting late and the drive back to Daegu takes about 90 minutes. However, Hidden Blue was a nice way to end our day trip to Ulsan. Did I miss your Ultimate Ulsan Cafe on this Guide? Let me know in the comments below.


Hidden Blue 히든블루
96, Silli-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

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