3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries: Me, My Bae and My BFF

3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries- Me, My Bae and My BFF

Whether it’s sprinting off for a romantic getaway with my bae, a fun Girlfriend Weekend with my BFF, or a solo weekend to renew the mind, body, or soul, Las Vegas has never let me down. There’s plenty to do in this city of sin in the desert. Not all are x-rated, but these 3 Las Vegas Itineraries are just as fun.

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3-Day Las Vegas Itinerary

Me, My Bae and My BFF

Sin City is celebrated for its notorious nightlife, high-end hotels, free-wielding casinos, and a carefree, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas attitude. A trip to Las Vegas is a must–at least once in a lifetime. Here are three experiences to help you plan a memorable sin city trip no matter what you plan to do there for. Here are three itineraries for a long weekend in La Vegas– Me, My Bae, and My BFF.

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Pampering Myself Over a Long Weekend in Vegas

Being a military spouse, I cherish the chances to travel solo. I have ventured to more than 60 countries, many of them alone. And although I’m not much of a gambler, Las Vegas offers so much more than a seat at a craps table. I prefer better odds.

I have been to the city alone a few times, and I always have a good time. From getting pampered at a luxurious spa, eating at delicious restaurants, star-studded music, and theatrical performances to enjoying a great book at a trendy cafe or just people-watching on the strip. I enjoy losing myself in the colorful nightlife and a little retail therapy too.

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Here’s a list of my must-do things on a solo weekender to Vegas.

  • Go on a binge-tour for burgers and cocktails.
  • Shop at the Container Park.
  • Enjoy a day at one of the amazing spas.
  • Spend an afternoon at the Neon Museum.
  • Explore swanky shopping on the Strip


Romantic Weekend with My Husband 

Dubbed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, for couples, is a paradise!  We did not expect many romantic things to do because the city has a reputation for parties. However, we were pleasantly surprised. Even the most boisterous, people-packed places could feel intimate.

In our experience, the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas were:

  • Experience the Eiffel Tower in The Paris Hotel
  • Ride the High Roller at sunset
  • Take a gondola ride at the Venetian.
  • Watch the sunset from the Observation Deck at the Strat.
  • Dine at E by Jose Andres
  • Take a helicopter ride for aerial views of the Grand Canyon.

Girlfriend Weekend Trip to Las Vegas

A long weekend is the ultimate girlfriend getaway. You can get a lot done in a 3-day Las Vegas itinerary. I explored the city with four of my friends, and the large-scale rooms of The Palazzo made every night a sleepover for us. We were a gang of fun partygoers and jet setters who just wanted to get all fancy-free and footloose. So, we did exactly that!

Girlfriend Weekends, the best way to cement long-lasting bonds:

  • Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomy tour at places like Rose. Rabbit. Lie.
  • Toasted to a variety of artisan cocktails in Skyfall Lounge at Delano
  • I visited Neon Museum and took some vintage-style photographs
  • Explored the Strip, casinos, and spas
Three-Las-Vegas-Itineraries-2-683x1024 3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries: Me, My Bae and My BFF
Three-Las-Vegas-Itineraries-683x1024 3-Day Las Vegas Itineraries: Me, My Bae and My BFF


  1. Eric Gamble

    Great ideas for a 3 day Las Vegas adventure. Personally, I have been to Vegas so many times that I am kind of getting bored of the Casinos. So I love that you mixed in the other stuff too!
    For your Romantic Ideas, I love that you mentioned the High Roller Ferris Wheel. I took my girlfriend, now wife, there cause she Loves Ferris wheels and she Loved it. I would also add go to see Freemont Street. You can just walk up and down the street together watching the amazing video show over your head or zip line down the street and then catch a concert going on in the middle of the street!

    1. duffelbagspouse

      Thanks, Eric, you ‘re right. I totally forgot about Freemont Street, there’s always a lot of energy down there. I think its a lot of fun for all three groups, actually.

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