Cafe Poseidon: Your New Dessert Hotspot in Waegwan

Cafe Poseidon entrance in Waegwan

Cafe Poseidon & Stay Attention Camp Carroll residents, you’re in for a treat because there’s a fantastic new cafe just a stone’s throw away from your base. The Poseidon Cafe is a delightful three-story establishment situated near the Farmy Hills Country Club, right off the picturesque Maewon Reservoir in Waegwan. Not only do you get […]

The Ultimate Ulsan Cafe Guide: Coffee by the Sea

Greetvi buffet foods at Ulsan food selections

Ready for a road trip, I randomly picked Ulsan as our destination. Today, my friends Kyung Sook, Steven, and I set off from Daegu to explore some seaside cafes in this fantastic city. In this Ulsan Cafe Guide, I’ll introduce you to two fantastic dessert spots and a cozy brunch joint. Take advantage of the charm of HEY-MER, Greetvi, and Hidden Blue Brunch Cafes, and soak in the serene ambiance of the Ulsan Sea.

An Hour of Enlightenment: My Monk Chat in Luang Prabang

Noy as a monk- monk chat in Luang Prabang

At 9 am, just as the day’s heat began to rise, I bicycled in the historic town of Luang Prabang, preparing for an enlightening encounter. I parked my bike, a loaner from the Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, near the steps, covered in pink petals from the flowering bush overhead. Before entering the temple grounds, I pulled out the sweater I brought to cover my arms. As requested by Orange Robe Tours.

Walking in the Footsteps of Monks: Alms in Luang Prabang

walking in the footsteps of monks in luang prabang

Immerse yourself in the enchanting morning traditions of Luang Prabang with the captivating almsgiving ceremony and the insightful Orange Robe Tour. As the sun rises over this charming town, embark on a spiritual journey unlike any other. Join me as I share my unforgettable moments of partaking in the almsgiving ritual and delving into the profound teachings during the Monk Chat sessions.

Visiting the Female Monks in Ulsan’s Seoknamsa Temple


Tucked away in the calm mountains above Ulsan, Seoknamsa Temple is a truly peaceful and beautiful spot. It’s easily one of my favorite temples in South Korea. This place is not just about spirituality; it’s where nature and peace come together. When you visit, you’ll find it’s impossible to take a bad picture โ€“ that’s how stunning it is. Seoknamsa Temple is a perfect escape from the busyness of life, and I highly recommend checking it out. I highly recommend experiencing the serenity and beauty.

Experience Authentic Laos At Belle Rive Boutique Hotel

Before finalizing our stay at the The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, I had booked and subsequently cancelled reservations at two or three other hotels. This was our first trip to Luang Prabang, and I was taken aback by the extensive range of accommodations that fit within our budget. In the end, the Belle Rive emerged as an exceptional choice. This was due to its prime location, outstanding services, and impressive amenities. Would you like to know why?

Paju: Snapshots into it’s Unique Cafe Scene

MalddongDonutsicecream- Paju: Snapshots into it's Unique Cafe Scene

Firstly, I must apologize for the abundance of cafe porn in this post. I couldnโ€™t help taking so many beautiful “snapshots” as we explored the vibrant cafe scene in Paju. As a result, Paju, the northernmost major city in South Korea, remains largely undiscovered by Western tourists. Subsequently, this city, an hour north of Seoul, is replete with stunning natural and man-made attractions and holds a dynamic cafe scene among its charms.

Reflecting on the 10th Latin Culture Festival in Jeju


Uncover the vibrant world of Latin dance at the Jeju Latin Culture Festival, featuring thrilling competitions, immersive workshops, electrifying performances, and lively parties, all set against the backdrop of a picturesque beach locale. If you haven’t attended yet, why not give it a try? The recent 10th edition of the Jeju Latin Culture Festival left a lasting impression on attendees, including one of my friends, who had an amazing experience.