Experience Authentic Laos At Belle Rive Boutique Hotel

Escape and Unplug: Embrace Authenticity in Luang Prabang

Before finalizing our stay at the The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, I had booked and subsequently cancelled reservations at two or three other hotels. This was our first trip to Luang Prabang, and I was taken aback by the extensive range of accommodations that fit within our budget. In the end, the Belle Rive emerged as an exceptional choice. This was due to its prime location, outstanding services, and impressive amenities. Would you like to know why?

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Boutique Hotel in Luang Prabang

We chose to visit Luang Prabang in search of a destination that remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. Although the city is frequented by backpackers, it remains relatively undiscovered among many travelers, particularly Americans. And this uniqueness attracted us. The Belle Rive provided a comforting retreat, offering a sense of familiarity amidst an unfamiliar environment.

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The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel

Several factors largely influenced our decision to stay at the Belle Rive Boutique Hotel. First, the glowing reviews from previous guests spoke volumes about the quality of service and comfort the hotel offered. Secondly, the appealing photographs of the French Colonial style hotel depicted an atmosphere of local elegance and tranquility. And that my friends, appealed to our taste. Lastly, its close proximity to the Mekong River and the city center was a significant advantage. Given that Luang Prabang, while small, can be quite hot. In such conditions, being able to easily reach major attractions and the city’s central areas without the need for extensive travel became an important consideration for us.

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Creature Comforts

The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel not only offers excellent air conditioning to keep you cool but also provides a complimentary mini bar stocked with water, soda, and beer.

Moreover, the bed is exceptionally comfortable. Traditional four poster beds with beautiful mosquito netting draped over the posters. You will find a card in your hotel room for bed service. If you wish to have your bedding changed, simply leave the card on the bed for housekeeping. Otherwise, your bed will be made up with the same linens.

The shower and sink have freat water pressure and the soaps, body shower, conditioner, and shampoo, are lovely.

Washcloths are uncommon in many hotels across Asia where hand towels are usually provided. They are a notable feature in the Belle Rive. Additionally, the hotel has a separate toilet room with a real door, a departure from the increasingly rare trend of open-style bathrooms.

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Interestingly, the Belle Rive Boutique Hotel does not have flat-screen TVs mounted on the walls in their rooms. Surprisingly, we didn’t miss having a television at all. However, if you would like to have one installed in your room, simply inform the reception. Although it’s not guaranteed, we also received an upgrade to a larger room during check-in.

Onsite Restaurant

The Belle Rive boasts an exceptional restaurant located just across the street from the lobby. They offer a complimentary breakfast daily from 7:30 am to 10:30 am, which goes above and beyond the average breakfast experience. The menu features a variety of options, including fried rice and noodles with chicken or pork, pancakes, fruit plates, made-to-order eggs, and more. Additionally, a selection of juices and coffees is available. The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner, complete with a range of cocktails. All of this can be enjoyed with a panoramic view of the Mekong River and the bustling boats going back and forth.


The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel provides a variety of complimentary and customizable amenities. Firstly, the hotel offers free bicycles for guests to use throughout their stay. Additionally, the concierge is available to assist in booking a wide range of services, including excursions, spa visits, and preparing food for the Alms procession.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a welcome drink, and they are also invited to enjoy a nightly sunset cruise on the Mekong River. Furthermore, the cruise includes a complimentary alcoholic beverage of their choice.

The only issue we encountered during our stay was with ants. However, considering the natural surroundings, it is challenging to prevent their presence in the vicinity. To minimize any inconvenience, I recommend keeping your suitcases closed and storing food, particularly the sweet treats provided by the hotel in your room, inside the mini fridge. This precaution will help deter the ants from accessing your belongings.

In conclusion, the Belle Rive Boutique Hotel deserves its high ratings. This is a great place to stay if you are coming to Luang Prabang.

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