5 of My Favorite Places to Exercise in Manhattan

Running and working out everyday

I am a military spouse, and one thing, and only one thing, is constant. Just when you get comfortable with where you live, it’s time to go. We’ve been here for more than 2 years now, and a routine has emerged. I know where the best places to eat, exercise, and enjoy my best life. […]

17 Things to Know Before You PCS to Ft Riley

I admit I didn’t know much about Ft Riley or Manhattan, Kansas before we arrived. This post focuses specifically on the important things you should know about living on or near Ft Riley before you come here. Fact, opinion, or observation, here are 17 Things to Know Before You PCS to Ft Riley.     […]

Tips for Traveling with your Soldier for Fun

I recently read an article about the benefits of couples traveling together. It listed 18 ways that travel could enhance your relationship. And I thought, what a load of BS. It was so sweet and sappily romantic, but when is traveling with the person, you love really like that? Let’s be clear, and I’m not […]

The Best Practical Travel Tips When Things Go Wrong

Wake up Singapore toothbrush- Top Travel Trends of 2024

This post is how to handle the mishaps, mistakes, and missed connections that inevitably happen when you travel. Read all about how to Turn Travel Problems Into Travel Opportunities for a more personalized travel experience. Here are 5 Practical travel tips that help frequent travelers take advantage of the times when travel goes wrong.

How to be a Military Dependent in Name Only

How to be a Military Dependent in Name Only I love my life, my family, and my husband. But it occurred to me that I had lost something significant to me. I lost myself– I abandoned my independence when I married into the military. I want– no, I need to write this post for me. […]

Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Huinyeoul Cultural Village me colorful stairs

The first time I traveled solo, I was hooked. I loved the chance to see the world at my own pace. Solo travel gives me the chance to express myself, find new talents, new interests– a new me. But safety is a big issue when I’m on my own. This post offers a few ways to stay safe at home and when I travel alone.

5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Frequent Female Travelers

5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Frequent Female Travelers

First off, I want to challenge what sustainability means to me. Yes, it has a lot to do with how the product affects the environment or the local economy. But it’s not always about the packing or whether the ingredients or natural. Sustainable beauty tips also have a lot to do with whether I can maintain how I use them. If I can’t do it regularly, it’s not sustainable to me.

How to Make Travel Fun for Military Kids

travel fun for kids

How to Make Travel Fun for Military Kids Whether it’s a day trip, a PCS abroad, or somewhere in between, the military creates opportunities to travel. And if you have kids, that means you’ll be able to create long-lasting memories together in a way few others get. But can you make travel fun for kids […]